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Novellus Systems Inc. Concept Three Altus


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Asset ID: 79212

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Novellus Systems Inc.

Concept Three Altus

WCVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition)

Deposition Equipment

Equipment details:

Date of Manufacture: 2004-01-01

Currently Configured for: 300mm

Current Equipment Status: Available

Asset HDD not included

Location of Equipment: Taoyuan, Taiwan

Available date: Currently Available

Tool config is based on original PO, please verify tool details at tool inspection

Tool Model: C3-SCON

System Power Rating: 208 AC 3-Phase

Loading Configuration: 3 load ports

Chamber lift pin Servo moter assembly Qty 2- Retrofit to servo moter from Pneumatic

Process Unit:4200-61 VIA W DEP

Chm/Unit Position 1: C3 ALTUS CHA; Chemicals / Gases Used: Ar/SiH4/H2/WF6/NF3/B2H6/N2

Chm/Unit Position 2: C3 ALTUS CHB; Chemicals / Gases Used: Ar/SiH4/H2/WF6/NF3/B2H6/N2

Basic System 

Platform type: C3 WTS MC3

Chamber type: C3 ALTUS

Loadport count: 3

Required Software Revisions

System software (Proteus): 2.657_151

System software (QNX): 5.86B150

WTS IOC0 firmware: SIOC 4.8

WTS IOC1 firmware: SIOC 4.8

WTS IOC E84/AWC firmware: NA

Altus IOC0 & IOC1 firmware: 02-274618-00 SIOC 4.8

Altus IOC2 firmware: 02-274618-00 SIOC 4.8

Windows version: Windows 2000

ATM robot firmware: WAVE2, 1.0T,CF2AB

Throttle valve controller firmware: NA

Supporting Remote Units

Transfer module pump: IH600

Loadlock pump: IH600

Hardware Configuration - Frame

Module controller: ASSY,CONTROLLER,MC4,ETHERNET, 02-423402-00

Platform controller: ASSY,CONTROLLER,MC4,ETHERNET, 02-423402-00

WTS IOC0: PCA,FIELD,WTS-3F,SIOC0, 03-157052-00



Altus IOC0 & IOC1: ASSY,PCA,FLD CONN,SIOC 0&1,300, 02-057949-00

Altus IOC2: ASSY,PCA,FLD CONN,SIOC2,300WCV, 02-109139-00

ATM robot kit: 63-283529-00

ATM robot end effector: 02-270536-01

Transfer module robot: 02-262511-00

Transfer module SMC valve: 60-251903-00

Cooling pedestals, LL-R: 02-164380-01 Right

Cooling pedestals, LL-L: 02-164380-02 Left

Throttle valve, WTS: 02-101445-00

LL ATM gate valve: 02-259468-00

LL vacuum gate valve: 60-052581-00

Leak check shutoff valve: 04-110786-00

Mini-environment AWC: Installed

TM AWC sensor transmitter: 27-053299-00

TM AWC sensor receiver: 27-053301-00

IMM-ready hardware: NA

Loadlock baratron: 27-126439-00

Transfer module baratron: 27-10340-00

Transfer module pump: IH600

Loadlock pump: IH600

He elimination loadlock: NA

FFU filter: PB-500 FFU Grade for HF (Novellus) Size, 002346-0002, 22-S4C22-1

FFU filter lifetime, chemicals of interest, limit: 3 months, NOX, < 6 ppb

Hardware Configuration - Chamber 

Station 1 pedestal: 16-341152-00

Station 1 MOER: 15-105508-00

Station 1 showerhead: 16-289070-00

Station 2 pedestal: 16-341152-00

Station 2 MOER: 15-105508-00

Station 2 showerhead: 16-289070-00

Station 3 pedestal: 16-341152-00

Station 3 MOER: 15-105508-00

Station 3 showerhead: 16-289070-00

Station 4 pedestal: 16-341152-00

Station 4 MOER: 15-105508-00

Station 4 showerhead: 16-289070-00

Remote plasma clean: 27-261291-00

Indexer plate hub: 15-100082-00

Indexer plate upper assembly: 15-046309-00

Spindle assembly: 02-324753-00

IR endpoint detector kit: 34-348116-00

Leak check shutoff valve: 60-268274-00

Assembly, carrier ring holder (reduced tip wafer holder): 02-332440-00

Throttle valve PCV: 60-174047-00

TV controller/firmware: 27-146103-00

Gate valve, L-motion SMC: 60-313773-00

Symmetric foreline: 04-363404-00

Process 100T manometer: 27-10340-00

Process 10T manometer: 27-10343-00

Backside 100T manometer: 27-10340-00

SiH4/B2H6 canopy filter: 22-00006-00

Aligner: NA

UPC: 02-162343-00

Station 1 springs: 15-355501-00

Gas Panel (part#, gas species, size): 

Line 1, manifold D: AERA FC-D980, Ar, 5SLM

Line 2, manifold D: Aera FC-D980C-SiH4 / 500 SCCM

Line 3, manifold A: AERA FC-D980,H2, 30slm

Line 4, manifold A: AERA FC-D980, Ar, 20slm

Line 5, manifold W: Aera FC-D980C-WF6 / 500 SCCM

Line 6: na

Line 7: 

Line 8, manifold C: AERA FC-D980, Ar, 20SLM

Line 9, manifold C: AERA FC-D980, H2, 30SLM

Line A: NA

Line B, manifold A: NA

Line C, Ar carrier: AERA FC-D980, Ar, 20SLM

Line D, manifold H: AERA FC-D980, Ar, 50SLM

Line E, manifold J: Aera FC-D980C-WF6 / 500 SCCM

Line F, manifold K: AERA FC-D980, Ar, 5SLM

Line G, manifold K: Aera FC-D980C-SiH4 / 500 SCCM

Line H: NA

Line I, manifold A: AERA FC-D980, NF3, 5SLM

Line J, manifold M: Aera FC-D980C-WF6 / 500 SCCM

Line K, manifold N: Aera FC-D980C-WF6 / 500 SCCM

Line L: NA

Line M, Ar carrier: AERA FC-D980, Ar, 20SLM

Line N, manifold D: AERA PA7800, B2H6, 750SCCM

Line P, manifold F: AERA FC-D980, Ar, 20SLM

Line X, manifold K: NA

Damage/Missing parts list

Please inspect tool to reconfirm

Pumps and customer provided items not included on sales

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