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Tokyo Electron Ltd. (TEL) Trias Ti/TiN

Asset ID: 8712

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Tokyo Electron Ltd. (TEL)

Trias Ti/TiN

Metal CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition)

Deposition Equipment

Equipment details:

Date of Manufacture:

Currently Configured for: 300mm

Current Equipment Status: Available

Asset HDD not included

Location of Equipment: Taoyuan, Taiwan

Available date: Currently Available

Tool config is based on original PO, please verify tool details at tool inspection

Tool Model: TRIAS

Process: ASFD

Software Version: V3.670R1

System Power Rating: 200V AC 3-Phase

Loading Configuration: 3 lots loading

Chm Position 1: EXII TIN; Chemical: TiCl4. Gas: TiCl4/NH3/ClF3/N2

Chm Position 2: EXII TIN; Chemical: TiCl4. Gas: TiCl4/NH3/ClF3/N2

Chm Position 3: EXII TIN; Chemical: TiCl4. Gas: TiCl4/NH3/ClF3/N2

Chm Position 4: EXII TIN; Chemical: TiCl4. Gas: TiCl4/NH3/ClF3/N2

Process position: Trias E+ EX-II-TiN / EX-II-TiN / EX-II-TiN / EX-II-TiN

Process capability: ASFD TiN

Factory Interface System

Carrier: FOUP 25 slots cassette

Number of Load Port: 3 (Left and middle Right, BOLTS-M)

Loader arm: Dual arm type/Tape Pick

Mini-environment FFU filter: DAIKIN 0.1um ULPA

The number of LLM: 2 (Cooling stage built-in)

LLM bleed gas: N2

MMI: Q'ty:2 MMI 

MMI fixing bracket: The MMI fix at stand

Loadport Carrier ID reader: Q'ty:3 (OMRON Master:Master:V700-L22-6)

Wafer ID Reader: Cognex

Loadport I/O Interface: Q'ty:3 OHT Hokuyo Electric:DMS-HB1-Z

Loadport Version: v5.0

TPU Interface Kit: The module stops operating upon alarm

Transfer, Vaccuum, Exhaust, Cooling Water Systems

Transfer arm: Twin pick type

TM bleed gas: N2

The number of Aligner: 1 (located in LM)

Power Fail Endurance: Facilities UPS

TM Robot: BX80-000231-11 ARM,YE2 WO PICK..HU0482146 (YASKAWA)

Loader Robot: BX80-080118-13 Type:SBX92102651-2 (SHINKO)

Loader Robot Controller: BX80-070955-15 Type:SBX92301334-5 (SHINKO)

Pressure sensor: INFICON VSA100A

Pirani sensor: INFICON PSG100-S

Capacitance Manometer: MKS 626B02TDE

LLM1/LLM2-Door valve: SMC CBM2B40-N4640-90

LLM1/LLM2-Gate valve: V TEX I-I-00078-2-01

Flowmeter: Tokyo Flow Meter FF-MRA80-21

Water leak sensor: Toyokokagaku RS-3000C-CL/RS-3000FA-6440

Remote Units

Main Power Distribution: 3M80-002796-13 Trias MPD S2 T3

Trans Box: 3M80-003038-12 Trias TR2 S2J T3

Utility Terminator Rack: None

PM Dry Pump: Edwards iXH1220HTX+

TM Dry Pump: Edwards iH1000

LL Dry Pump: Edwards iH1000

Abatement System: DAS ESCAPE 

TiCl4 Cabinet: Air products GC300

Gas Supply Config

Manual valve N*: Fujikin FUDDFL-21-6.35-UGF-APD

Regulator (N2-1/N2-2): 

Regulator (N2-PF): Tescom 12H1A21IGS2W-036

Regulator (Ar): Veriflo SQ-2MICRO-60-2P-UPG-PA

Pressure sensor (All gas line): SUNX DP2-22

Filter (N2-PF): Covalent Materials BFA-02-100-ST-02

Manual valve (Dry air line): SMC VHS40-04-B/VHS20-02-B

Filter (Dry air line): Koganei F300-03-B

Regulator (Dry air line): Koganei R300-03-W/O G

Pressure sensor (Dry air line): SUNX DP2-22

Pressure gauge (Dry air line): SUNX DP2-22


1333Pa Manometor: 3M36-000364-11 SENSOR,PRESSURE 631C-30603

133kPa Capacitance manometer: 3M36-000096-12 MKS SENSOR,PRESSURE  

O-rings: 027-008465-1 O-RING..KALREZ7075 AS568-387 BLK 1ea 027-008555-1 O-RING..KALREZ7075 AS568-312 BLK 2ea

O-rings: 3M87-065949-1 EXCHANGE KIT,GV O-RING+PLT E2 O-ring and Plate

O-rings, Trap I/O: 027-008434-1 O-RING..KALREZ7075 NW-50 BLK

Gate Valve (Slit Valve): KITZ 3M12-000150-13 VALVE,GATE UXG1236H-KL-122

APC Valve: TEL 3M12-000153-11 VALVE,BUTTERFLY PCV-50-1 

Cubic Trap: Milaebo Trap

Vacuum valve(VEP1): KITZ 3M12-000151-13 VALVE,VAC IVBH50CA-NWKL-144-W-(RS)

Vacuum valve(VEP2,3): KITZ 3M12-000151-13 VALVE,VAC IVBH50CA-NWKL-144-W-(RS)

Pressure Gauge, exhaust system: KRONE KU-604 series

Gas Box Configuration

Gas Stick 1: N2 Bottom Purge 5SLM HORIBA STEC SEC-N100 series

Gas Stick 2: N2 5SLM HORIBA STEC SEC-N100 series

Gas Stick 3: N2 5SLM HORIBA STEC SEC-N100 series

Gas Stick 4: N2 2SLM HORIBA STEC SEC-N100 series

Gas Stick 5: empty

Gas Stick 6: N2 300sccm HORIBA STEC SEC-N100 series

Gas Stick 7: TiCl4 200sccm HORIBA STEC SEC-8000F/D series

Gas Stick 8: empty

Gas Stick 9: empty

Gas Stick 10: NH3 10SLM HORIBA STEC SEC-N100 series

Gas Stick 11: NH3 1SLM HORIBA STEC SEC-N100 series

Gas Stick 12: ClF3 500sccm HORIBA STEC SEC-N100 series

Heater Bottom Purge: N2 5SLM HORIBA STEC SEC-N100 series

Air Operation Valves: CKD Chamber valve 

"Gas Filters (N2-1/N2-2): Nippon Seisen NASclean GF series, 

Trapping sfficiency 1.0um"

"Gas Filters (NH3/ClF3): Nippon Seisen NASclean GF series, 

Trapping sfficiency 1.0um"

Regulators: CKD PGM series

Gas lockout system: SMC Valve

Damage/Missing parts list

Please inspect tool to reconfirm

Dry pumps and customer provided items not included on sales

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Reference :

Triase+™ Ti/TiN is a 300mm single-wafer metal CVD system for high step coverage Ti/TiN film formation using TiCl4. Based on TEL's industry-proven Trias™ platform, since its introduction, the system provides low contact resistance film process while reducing contact leakage of various devices. Especially in high-aspect-ratio contact hole, Triase+™ SFD™ TiN has been widely adopted by using SFD™ technology that has both merits of excellent step coverage of ALD and high productivity of CVD. The Triase+™HP Ti, single-wafer metal CVD system, accommodates a lot of additional functions such as optimized surface treatments by unique showerhead gas dispersion module and simultaneous TiSix formation technology during Ti deposition. Furthermore the system provides widen temperature control range, lower particle level and higher productivity. Its unique technology addresses the various process requirements of metal deposition that having the structure such as ultra-shallow junction and nickel silicide contacts. As a successor model, Triase+™ HP Ti Plus, which allows higher step coverage for next generation devices, has also been added to the product lineup.

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