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Unisem UN-2002A-PG

Asset ID: 209437

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Abatement - Scrubber

Support Equipment (Fab)

Equipment details:

Date of Manufacture:

Currently Configured for: N/A

Current Equipment Status: Available

Asset HDD not included

Location of Equipment: Taichung City, Taiwan

Available date: Currently Available

Excess itemsVendorModelQty

AreaVendorTypeModeloverhaulS/NBonded No.Fixed Asset No.location
FSTUNISEMabatementUN2002A-PGdone PMU07JP-SLA-383AN/AN/AA1-1F
FSTUNISEMabatementUN2002A-PGdone PMU07JP-SLA-389AN/AN/AA1-1F
FSTUNISEMabatementUN2002A-PGdone PMU07DP-SLA-222AN/AN/AA1-1F
FSTUNISEMabatementUN2002A-PGdone PMU07BP-SLA-078AN/AN/AA1-1F
FSTUNISEMabatementUN2002A-PGdone PMU07DP-SLA-225AN/AN/AA1-1F
FSTUNISEMabatementUN2002A-PGdone PMU07BP-SLA-077AN/AN/AA1-1F
FSTUNISEMabatementUN2002A-PGdone PMU07BP-SLA-063AN/AN/AA1-1F
FSTUNISEMabatementUN2002A-PGdone PMU07BP-SLA-080AN/AN/AA1-1F
FSTUNISEMabatementUN2004A-PGDdone PMU14DP-SMA-143AN/AN/AA1-1F
FSTUNISEMabatementUN2004A-PGSdone PMU14DP-SMA-144AN/AN/AA1-1F
FSTUNISEMabatementUN2004A-PGSdone PMU14EP-SMA-155AN/AN/AA1-1F
FSTUNISEMabatementUN2004A-PGSdone PMU14JP-SMA-397AN/AN/AA1-1F

System Features

1. Type : Fuel (LNG, LPG, H2) Burn -Wet

2. High abatement efficiency for PFC gases (99%)

3. Minimizing moisture vapor exhaust (Apply dry system)

4. Excellent safety interlock system

5. Relatively lower operation cost

6. Simple operation and easy maintenance

7. High corrosion resistance structure

8. CE-Mark & SEMI-S2 certified

Target abatement gas

1. PFCs : NF3, C2F6, SF6, CF4, C3F8, etc

2. Flammable gases : SiH4, PH3, TEOS, H2, DCS, etc

3. Water soluble gases : Cl2, HCl, HF, NH3, etc





600x900x1600 (WxDxH)

900x800x1800 (WxDxH)1250x1000x1880 (WxDxH)
Flame Temperature(°c)1200~1600°c1200~1600°c1200~1600°c
Capacity300LPM300LPM600LPMExcept Scrubber Utility
Electric PowerSingle Phase, 208V, 30ASingle Phase, 208V, 30ASingle Phase, 208V, 30A
Inlet PortNW40 x 4port(Standard)NW40 x 4port(Standard)NW40 x 6port(Standard)User Option

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