Ed Boyd – Commodities and Global Markets
Ed Boyd – Commodities and Global Markets

From Engineering to Equities: Ed Boyd's graduate year

How does a Civil and Structural Engineering graduate end up in Equity Finance? Meet Ed Boyd whose Engineering degree took him to the trading floor.


While studying for his Master’s Degree in Civil and Structural Engineering, Ed Boyd undertook an internship with an engineering firm that proved to be life changing.

“It was really beneficial because it made me realise I didn't want to become an Engineer," he explains.

Ed later did a week's work experience in London for a small investment company and loved it, deciding then and there he wanted to work in the City and in equities. He was already familiar with Macquarie, having come across its infrastructure work during his Engineering degree. In August 2018, he joined as a Graduate in the Commodities and Global Markets group.

“My Internship and work experience showed me I was attracted to the fast pace of investment," Ed says. “I also knew I wanted a big company, a multinational, and Macquarie ticked that box." 

From Sales to Research then Equity Finance 

The Commodities and Global Markets group specialises in providing clients with access to markets, financing, financial hedging, research and market analysis and physical execution. Its specialities range from energy to metals, mining and agriculture, fixed income and currencies, credit, futures and equity markets, to technology, media & telecommunications.

Ed has found his graduate year immersive and hands-on. He has rotated through three different roles, beginning in Equity Sales, before spending a short time in Equities Research and eventually ending up as an Analyst in Equities Finance.

“In Equity Sales we'd start the day with a meeting to run through research and what happened in the markets overnight. We'd be writing emails to investors, summarising research and meeting with company management or investors to discuss market opportunities."

His time in Equities Research was spent on research initiations and looking at how to value companies.

“It has been great meeting companies, understanding the investment case and deciding if it is a worthwhile opportunity - weighing up the financial benefits and the real world gain," Ed explains.

“I've really enjoyed the client meetings and met company managers, CEOs of FTSE 100 companies, and hedge fund managers," he says. “I was surprised at how many senior people inside and outside Macquarie I have engaged with".

Ed says that these rotations were great experiences but differ to the intensity and pace of his current work in Equity Finance, which includes working closely with traders on live trading and managing collateral for the team.

“The pace of Equities Finance is something that really suits me and I’m enjoying the development into more of a trading role" he explains.

Ed has also found his engineering background - like numerical skills and teamwork - apply well to his work in Equities Finance. 

Stepping out of your comfort zone

“One of the biggest things I've learnt this year is the importance of stepping out of my comfort zone. My manager was keen for me to speak up and ask questions in meetings and interact with senior people in the business. I have also presented talks for interns which has been great training and experience. Pushing myself to do these things has been rewarding." 

The highlight has been finding he really enjoys the work and the people he works with. Regular social events, and community and fundraising work through the Graduate Volunteering Network help contribute to the friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

Ed's advice for anyone considering the grad program reflects his own experience:

“Get as much experience as you can. It not only helps with your interviews; it can also help you choose the path that may be right for you, as well as helping you realise what may be the wrong path."

“Even in Equities there are many different roles - so try everything, in case you're not in the right team," Ed says. “I've already seen that I've been able to drive my own career path. When I asked to move into a different team I could do it."

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