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Julia Bakhrakh on stairs

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Technology and data

Our technology and data roles are core to the success of our business.  


Joining our technology team, you’ll join more than 2,500 people based all around the world working on delivering innovative solutions across our business areas.  

Technology is critical to our organisation remaining at the forefront of digital change and driving our businesses to continued success.  

In a technology role at Macquarie, you’ll sit side by side with business leaders and help shape the strategy of our work. You’ll be given ownership of a diverse range of projects and be responsible for continuing to find ways to improve and evolve our technology and data offerings. 

Degree backgrounds we’re looking for:

Computer Science

Software Engineering

Computer Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Mechatronics Engineering

Information Technology

Information Systems


Joining one of our data teams, you could be involved in Macquarie’s data and regulatory reporting strategy, delivering digital transformation and innovation, and helping teams gain valuable insight from data. 

Data Science



Groups that technology and data graduates and interns will be placed into:

Meet some of our team members:

Colleen O'Connor

“I started at Macquarie as a summer intern in the technology team, working on enterprise architecture, and returned as a graduate in 2018. While studying my Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, I took courses on innovation and IT that sparked my interest in technology."

“My graduate program includes rotations every six months across Macquarie's technology businesses. That means I have had the opportunity to work in different areas, including Technology Strategy, DevOps product teams, and as a scrum master (a facilitator for an agile technology team).

“My work changes with every project. It could include drafting roadmaps and project visions, documenting new product features and processes, performing agile ceremonies, or managing product risks and issues. I've enjoyed the opportunity to work on such a variety of projects and to collaborate with so many great people.

“Every year, Macquarie holds a technology conference, which brings more than 100 leading internal and external experts to our offices for five days of insights about emerging technologies and disruption. For this year's conference, I was in a team running a pilot using blockchain technology. It was a fascinating experience.

“The Graduate Program has also allowed me to be involved in two other great initiatives - the Graduate Volunteer Network and the Graduate Development Program.

“Thanks to the volunteer network, I took part in a sustainability initiative. One of our goals was to raise awareness of the difference we can all make to planet by making small changes to our daily lives. We ran a month-long challenge for employees in Sydney, Manila and New York, celebrating their use of KeepCups, compost constructions, solar panels and more. Another goal was reforestation. We designed and sold biodegradable seedling kits. Each kit contained one plant, and for each kit sold we also promised to plant two trees in Australian forests. With the support of Macquarie employees, we raised enough money to plant 2,000 new trees.

“Through the Graduate Development Program, I've received training in business areas that are outside my day-to-day role. Every month we hear from engaging speakers, helping to improve our professional skills and the way we work. Additionally, as part of the program, “graduate champions" provide us with mentoring and support to help us achieve our career goals.”

Wesley Yep

“I moved from Auckland to join Macquarie’s technology team as part of the 2016 Internship Program. I have Bachelor’s degrees in Software Engineering and Biological Science, and I work as a developer in the Container Platform Team, based in the Banking and Financial Services Group.

“My role is full-stack development of software tools to monitor, maintain and improve the developer experience using the Openshift container platform. When I started as an intern, the team was quite new and the Openshift platform was still in development. I’ve enjoyed working with consistent technology throughout my internship and graduate roles, and to see the rollout of the platform throughout the business.

“One of my recent major projects has been developing the Openshift Portal, which has become the primary interface for 33 teams and 280 users internally within the Banking and Financial Services Group. It’s been rewarding to see the project that I’ve been working on used by hundreds of team members on a daily basis.

“The Openshift portal was designed from scratch to meet important needs such as user access management, application approvals, capacity controls, and automated testing. It’s intuitive and user-friendly, and I’ve loved having the freedom to be creative and put my ideas into the design.

“My internship was a great experience. I learnt so much that I joined the 2018 Graduate Program in the same team. Since then, I’ve worked on a variety of software-development projects, using a wide range of technologies including Java, ReactJs, and GraphQL. I’ve worked closely with other digital teams, such as the Open Banking team. We have a lot to do with the many teams in the Banking and Financial Services Group that use our platform, so I work with a wide variety of interesting people.

“During my graduate year I took part in the Graduate Development Program, which allowed me to network and connect with other graduates. Through the program I met many inspiring people – both fellow grads and more senior people at Macquarie – who have provided me with plenty of advice and support. It’s amazing how many people at Macquarie are willing to help new graduates and junior employees in developing their careers.”

Serena Kan

“I studied a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering and Commerce, and first joined Macquarie as a Summer Intern. 

“During my time as an Intern, I worked as part of Enterprise Data Management to help uplift data management capabilities within Macquarie. Despite joining an area unrelated to my studies, I felt well supported and was actively encouraged to learn, challenge myself and contribute to the team.   

“I have since returned as a Graduate, where I work as part of a very diverse and collaborative team, to make a difference within the business and help realise the opportunities in data. Within my team, my role has been largely focused around metadata management, where I have had the opportunity to work closely with the business groups and contribute to a range of projects across the enterprise.    

“The Graduate Volunteering Network has provided me with the opportunity to fundraise for charities through Graduate-led initiatives, broaden my network and attend a charity ball with my fellow Graduates.” 

Kenneth Lee

“Having earned a Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Business, I joined Macquarie’s technology Graduate Program.

“During my time I've had the experience of rotating through a diverse range of roles and responsibilities, including as a Developer, Engineer and most recently a Scrum Master. Macquarie has been amazing at providing support when I’ve been transitioning to the different roles and has also provided training to ensure I excel at them.  

“I’m now an Automation Developer in the Unified Communications team, where my primary focus is to design and implement low touch solutions to replace highly manual or repetitive tasks. The team is responsible for the configuration and management of that communication technologies that connect the business, including our online meeting and conferencing platform.  

“Outside of professional development, Macquarie has supported my personal interests. Having an interest in video and board games, we’re able to use the onsite facilities to host club nights with other employees. We have been able to raise funds for amazing causes like the John Hunter Children’s Hospital during these events and have them matched by the Macquarie Group Foundation.” 

Nicholas Batson

“My passion for technology started whilst I was in school. At university, I studied the Bachelor of Information Technology, focusing on both the hard and soft skills associated with technology.

“After graduating in 2019, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in technology and software development in some capacity, but didn’t know exactly in what domain. Macquarie was the perfect fit for me, with a range of exciting projects and opportunities provided to me as part of the Graduate Program, allowing me to both find what I enjoy doing and develop my skills in a range of areas.   

“As part of the Graduate Development Program, I have received training both inside and outside of my expertise, helping me to improve both my hard and soft skills, as well as gaining a wide range of experience spanning many disciplines, including project management, application deployment, agile development and cloud infrastructure.” 

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