Risk Management

Our Risk Management Group is an independent and centralised unit responsible for identifying, assessing and monitoring risks across Macquarie.

Working in our Risk Management Group, you could be:

  • assisting businesses with the definition and implementation of appropriate remediation actions, reviewing specific transactions, new products or businesses, identifying and escalating potential conflicts of interest and advising on the application of laws, regulations and policies
  • having exposure to the day-to-day relationships with Macquarie’s regulators, including regulatory enquiries
  • supporting senior management with timely and effective escalation and reporting of significant compliance risk issues
  • involved in the deal approval process and summarising key issues across all areas to present to senior Macquarie management
  • gaining exposure to capital markets, funds, retail banking businesses and the central service function
  • monitoring daily risk exposures for trading desks and reporting to senior management.

Program locations


Graduate program

1 year program, allocated to a team from February

Internship program

Allocated to a team from November to February 

Group highlights

Assisted Macquarie in the management of approximately $A191b of risks on balance sheet in FY18, as well as off-balance sheet risks

Interaction with 200+ regulators globally

Our teams in Risk Management Group

Behavioural Risk

Our behavioural risk division provides expertise and oversight on risk culture and conduct risk, environmental and social risk, and work health and safety. The team is focused on facilitating and driving improved risk outcomes for Macquarie’s internal and external stakeholders.


Our Compliance division is an independent risk management function that enables business management to fulfil their supervisory responsibilities by establishing an effective, robust compliance framework. Compliance perform an advisory, training and monitoring role in respect of the compliance risks arising from Macquarie's business activities. 


Our Credit division's role is to assess and approve all material credit risk undertaken by Macquarie. The team analyses significant transactions and initiatives and assesses the strengths and weaknesses of new transactions to present their recommendations to Macquarie's senior management.

Enterprise Support

Our Enterprise support team drives and supports the strategy and the effective and efficient operation of Risk Management Group.

Internal Audit

Our Internal Audit division provides independent recommendations to senior management and the Board Audit Committee on the adequacy and effectiveness of Macquarie’s financial and risk management framework. Internal Audit also provides recommendations to improve internal controls across the various business groups.

Market Risk

Our Market Risk division quantifies and constrains Macquarie’s exposure to sudden rate or market shocks, working closely with Macquarie’s trading businesses. The team approves and sets limits over trading strategies across all markets (equities, FX, interest rates, commodities), reporting exposures daily and escalating issues to senior management.

Operational Risk

Our Operational Risk division analyses the probability and impact of potential issues that can arise from failures of people, processes and systems and from external events. When issues do occur, our team use this analysis to provide advice and guidance about the treatment of the issue to reduce the likelihood of recurrence.

Prudential, Capital and Markets

Our Prudential, Capital and Markets team is responsible for ensuring Macquarie is compliant with prudential regulation and monitoring aggregate risk across all risk types. Our team is comprised of two streams: Prudential and Regulatory Affairs; and Risk and Capital Analysis. 

Quantitative Applications Division

Our Quantitative Applications Division's primary focus is the management of model risk in Macquarie's derivative pricing and capital models. The team also assists Macquarie businesses by providing independent advice on the modelling and quantitative aspects of complex financial problems.

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