Financial Management Group

Our Financial Management Group delivers finance, tax, and treasury services across Macquarie, as well as handling corporate communications and investor relations.

The Group:

  • provides strategic analysis and advice to Macquarie's businesses and senior management
  • manages Macquarie's funding, liquidity and capital position
  • ensures Macquarie continues to meet regulatory and compliance obligations
  • actively engages with investors, governments, media, and the wider community to maximise their understanding of Macquarie
  • enables Macquarie to understand the expectations of our key stakeholders. 

Working in our Finance team, you could be:

  • analysing financial performance to deliver valuable business insights
  • reviewing, challenging and reporting on financial results, and ensuring compliance with reporting standards
  • preparing forecasts for management to support strategic decision making
  • engaging with stakeholders to determine data requirements for new products and deals.

Working in our Group Treasury team, you could be:

  • raising diversified and cost effective funding and capital
  • providing accurate pricing of funding and capital to support optimal business decisions
  • helping to manage balance sheet risk
  • assisting the business in pursuing new opportunities.

Program locations


Graduate program

Sydney: 2 years, 3x 4month rotations in first year before being allocated a team for the second year

Internship program

Allocated to a team from November to February

Group highlights

Helps execute on key strategic initiatives, including buying, selling, starting and restructuring businesses and manages the financial and regulatory reporting of entities in over 27 countries globally

Ensures our businesses have access to capital and funding across a number of global markets, managing relationships with over 1000 debt investors and banks globally

Maintained Macquarie’s ‘A’ credit rating for over 20 years and a funded balance sheet of over $A130b

Our teams in Financial Management Group

Corporate Affairs

Our Corporate Affairs division actively engages with a wide range of stakeholders to improve their understanding of Macquarie and Macquarie’s understanding of their expectations. These stakeholders include governments, shareholders, investment analysts, media, staff and the wider community.

Data and Transformation

Uses data to drive transformational change, including using new technologies, automating processes, implementing new analytics and reporting capabilities, and helping teams gain valuable insight from data.


Our Finance division provides financial management and control, management reporting and forecasting, regulatory and tax reporting and business advisory services across Macquarie. Accountancy graduates in our finance division are supported by Macquarie to complete their Chartered Accountant qualifications.

Group Treasury

Our Group Treasury division is responsible for managing the funding, capital and liquidity position of Macquarie. Their key objective is to ensure Macquarie’s business units have the resources they need to meet their ongoing commercial and operational requirements.


The Tax division manages tax risk across Macquarie and supports our operating groups globally. The division’s main role is to provide advisory services and technical support so that we meet our tax compliance obligations.

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