Supporting diverse and inclusive workplaces in the telecommunications sector

2degrees has secured Rainbow Tick accreditation, following a two-year journey and the development of its new diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging strategy.

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Sector Infrastructure
Sub-sector Telecommunications
Location New Zealand


Diverse teams and inclusive workplaces have a positive impact on innovation, decision-making, and team and company performance.1,2

2degrees, a Macquarie Asset Management (MAM) portfolio company, is a telecommunications business whose declared purpose is to make New Zealand “a better place to live”.3 It employs over 1,600 people across Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.4

2degrees’ workforce is comprised of 66 different ethnicities,5 spanning different generations and with roles ranging from customer service to engineering and fieldwork. Until two years ago, the company had no formal strategy for advancing inclusivity and equity across its diverse team. To deliver on its purpose and secure the benefits that diversity and inclusivity can bring, a new approach was required.

With the support of its people, 2degrees underwent the Rainbow Tick accreditation process. The Rainbow Tick is a certification mark for organisations in New Zealand to show they understand, and are welcoming of, sexual and gender diversity.


In August 2022, 2degrees began developing a new diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) strategy, through a company-wide engagement program.

The program sought to ensure 2degrees’ workforce played a central role in the strategy’s development, exploring the team’s feelings about its existing culture and where the business could better support its people to thrive inside and outside of the workplace. The results helped shape the new strategy focused on four pillars: fostering a culture of inclusion; improving gender balance; building cultural capability and establishing appropriate governance.6


2degrees has now implemented a suite of initiatives under each pillar of its DEIB strategy and its purpose has been refreshed with a focus on “Fighting for Fair”.

Key initiatives include increasing the number of women working in technology, building Māori and Pasifika cultural awareness through employee training, and transparently reporting on the progress made against its objectives. Currently, 40 per cent of 2degrees’ senior leadership team are women and the company was recently awarded a ‘Women in ICT Award’ by Reseller News for diversity and inclusion.

Following a rigorous assessment process, 2degrees secured Rainbow Tick accreditation in March 2023. The company is now working to develop further policies, communications and education to build greater awareness and understanding of diverse communities, both within its business and more broadly. The Rainbow Tick accreditation is reviewed on an annual basis.

As part of MAM's DEI strategy, the asset manager continues to embed DEI considerations into its due diligence processes and encourages its portfolio companies to implement board-approved DEI strategies within 18 months of acquisition.

Rainbow Tick accreditation

recognising completion of a diversity and inclusion assessment process7

66 different ethnicities

in the 2degrees workforce

Women in Tech

200-member group set up to connect and support women working in technology3

By including its people in every step of its DEIB strategy development, 2degrees has laid the foundations for a truly inclusive culture.”

Ani Satchcroft
Head of Infrastructure, ANZ
Macquarie Asset Management

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