Decarbonisation in the Americas

We are supporting the low carbon transition across the region

The transition to a low-carbon economy is a key focus area for Macquarie. We use our extensive expertise in energy, infrastructure, technology and commodities to scale energy transition solutions and support clients on their decarbonisation journeys.

Macquarie recognises the science on climate change and the widespread disruption it is causing. We believe that we can contribute positively to the challenges and opportunities of climate change mitigation and adaptation through the financing of practical solutions driven by our core capabilities. We also believe that the transition must be managed and orderly, which is why we are actively supporting carbon intensive industries to reduce their emissions and continuing to work with oil and gas companies, in recognition that much of the world will depend on these industries for years to come.

Investing in the electrification of corporate vehicles and ground transportation

In December 2021, Macquarie Asset Management invested in Inspiration Mobility, an electric vehicle solutions company which is helping expedite the energy transition.

Our capabilities in the US

Our unique experience in deploying low-carbon solutions globally and the complementary capabilities of our businesses allows us to support our clients in delivering on their low-carbon strategy and sustainability goals in the Americas.

Our US low carbon focus areas

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and other US policy changes have triggered a wave of clean energy, clean technology manufacturing and infrastructure investment. Macquarie’s capabilities across decarbonisation in the US align to the priorities of the IRA.

Scaling clean energy production and consumption

Accelerating the switch to clean mobility1

Enabling the transition of high emission industries

Driving more circularity across the economy

Leveraging IRA tax credits and federal incentives

Incentivising the development of the clean fuels economy

The Inflation Reduction Act has altered the economics of renewable energy, triggering a surge in investment across the US and accelerating the development and deployment of new clean energy, clean technology manufacturing and infrastructure investment.

Opportunities through the IRA and other federal incentives

We are building on our existing experience leveraging federal programs and investing in a tax credit syndication platform to help our clients unlock more opportunities.​

We have a long track record in successfully executing structured tax credit transactions in the US, implementing tax equity structures, including through partnership flips and sale and leaseback arrangements, and in syndicating tax equity interests to clients and counterparties.​

We have first hand experience in projects across biogas, hydrogen and its derivatives, as well as utility scale solar and wind. ​

We are building a pipeline of diverse tax credit investment opportunities from balance sheet investments, portfolio companies and customer partnerships across a broad spectrum of technologies and credit types.​


We are leveraging our banking, institutional and corporate relationships to identify investors across the spectrum of traditional tax equity participants and the expanding universe of tax credit purchasers.

Community impact

The Bullard Center for Environmental and Climate Justice has been awarded a multi-year grant  through Macquarie’s Racial Equity fund. This grant will be used to fund a new historically black colleges and universities Green Corps at Texas Southern University. The program will equip young people with the tools they need to become the next generation of leaders and educate them on climate change and its impact on communities of color.

  1. Macquarie defines ‘cleaner mobility’ as transportation that has reduced greenhouse gas and/or other air pollutant emissions from the vehicle compared to equivalent fossil fuel-powered forms of transportation.