The digital infrastructure opportunity

2021 Macquarie Technology Summit related insight


23 June 2021

Digital infrastructure enables us to connect with one another and make sense of the vast amount of data with which we are faced. In a discussion hosted by Ani Satchcroft, Senior Managing Director, Macquarie Asset Management, with Robin Khuda, Founder and CEO of AirTrunk, Leigh Fox, President and CEO of Cincinnati Bell and Ellie Sweeney, Chief Operating Officer of Vocus, the panel explore the macro trends that are likely to necessitate investment in many aspects of digital infrastructure, from mobile networks, fibre and cables, to data registers and data centres.


Leigh Fox, President and CEO, Cincinnati Bell

Robin Khuda, Founder and CEO, AirTrunk

Ellie Sweeney, Chief Operating Officer, Vocus

Ani Satchcroft, Senior Managing Director, Macquarie Infrastructure & Real Assets

2022 Macquarie Technology Summit

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The Macquarie Technology Summit once again brought together global leaders driving technological change across multiple aspects of business and community.