Resourcing Britain’s transition to a smarter, more efficient energy system

Macquarie’s Specialised and Asset Finance is one of Britain’s largest Meter Asset Providers, with more than 10 million meters deployed, including around 6.2 million smart meters.

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Sector Energy
Sub-sector Renewables
Location United Kingdom


Smart meters will help enable a more efficient energy system by giving customers additional information and greater control over their energy use. They also allow networks to better plan their upgrades as the UK moves to a low-carbon energy system. 

As a result, smart meters are helping ensure a more co-ordinated and cost-effective energy transition. It is for this reason the government mandated that energy retailer’s roll out smart gas and electricity to all households in Britain.

Meter Asset Providers (MAPs) rent metering equipment to energy suppliers which helps speed up the deployment of smart meters by reducing upfront costs and can sometimes help with installation and maintenance. The meters are then subject to a daily rental charge which allows energy suppliers to spread the costs of deploying meters over 10 – 15 years, proving a flexible and cost-efficient way of deploying smart meters.


Macquarie established its market-leading metering business in 2003, responding to the growing demand from energy suppliers for an independent, flexible and competitive MAP service that would meet their regulatory requirements and ambitious roll out targets.

As a founding member of this market, Macquarie has provided clients with deep sectoral expertise, helping energy companies of various sizes manage the potential complications and risks of the smart metering programme.


Macquarie is now one of Britain’s largest MAPs with a portfolio of more than 10 million meters, of which approximately 6.2 million are residential smart meters. 

More than a quarter of the 20.5 million smart meters have been installed nationwide. 

6.2 million residential smart meters

Having played an active and founding role in Britain’s metering industry for the last 18+ years, we are proud of the contribution we have made in building out the industrial and commercial smart meter portfolio to this point and helping our clients to deploy smart meters across the country.”

Julian Liddy
Senior Managing Director and Head of Macquarie Specialised and Asset Finance