Backing the adoption of smart meters

One of the largest independent1 smart meter owners in the UK.

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Sector Energy
Sub-sector Metering
Location United Kingdom


As part of a plan to upgrade energy supply and improve efficiency, the UK Government has mandated the offering of smart meters to households, in part to reduce carbon emissions.


Since being awarded its first gas and electric meter installation contract in 2003, Macquarie has become one of the largest independent1 smart meter owners in the UK. These meters have helped consumers to better manage their energy consumption and costs.


One of the largest independent1

meter owners in United Kingdom


of the UK smart meter domestic market2

7.7+ million

smart meters owned and managed

3.2 million+

meters successfully recycled – working with major meter recyclers in the UK

All figures as at 30 September 2023 and sourced from Macquarie portfolio data, unless otherwise stated.

  1. Not part of a distribution network or a vertically integrated utility
  2. This figure is calculated using Macquarie Portfolio Data with reference to data from as at 2 February, 2024.


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