Raul Narciso, New York
Raul Narciso, New York

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New York, Sydney, Manila and home again: Raul's story of global mobility

Over 650 employees took the opportunity to move globally or internally as part of Macquarie's mobility offering in 2017 and 2018. For Raul Narciso, moving between three countries during his 19 years with Macquarie, was a life-changing experience.

The four years Raul Narciso lived abroad changed his life. The New Yorker gained both personally and professionally from his decision to spend time living and working in Australia and the Philippines as part of Macquarie's mobility offering.

Now Chief Operating Officer of the Macquarie Asset Management Real Assets division in the Americas, Raul's Macquarie career began in New York in 2000, when he joined the Finance division as an accountant.

"I didn't expect to travel much when I started at Macquarie, because the organisation was very small in the Americas at the time," he says. "There were only about 100 employees in the region."

Five years later, Raul took the opportunity to move internally to Macquarie Capital to a role in business management and operational risk, remaining in New York. In 2009 he was offered the chance to work in Sydney. "We turned it down," he says.

Raul and his wife, who have twin daughters, were daunted by the prospect of moving to a different continent, driving on the other side of the road, having a different medical system - all with two young children.

"My wife and I had never lived anywhere but New York. We didn't want to get out of our comfort zone."

In 2010 the opportunity to relocate to Australia arose again, and this time he grabbed it. "This was a better time for my family and I wanted the experience of working in Macquarie's home office. I also wanted to give my family a life experience."

During their 18 months in Sydney, the family lived at the beach and loved it. "I got the ferry to work, which is the best commute I've ever had in my life."

Raul's role in Australia was to implement a new online learning tool that was rolled out globally across Macquarie.

At the end of the project, he was presented with a few options: stay in Australia and work on a different project or take on a project somewhere else in the world. Because Raul's parents were born in the Philippines, he inquired about working in the Manila office.

Once again, Macquarie's global mobility team made the move easy, helping with everything from sorting moving arrangements to finding accommodation and schools."

Raul headed another big project in Manila, building out the Human Resources team in the Philippines from 15 people to more than 120 in two years. He loved the close-knit office: "I think it's the friendliest office you'll ever go to. Your co-workers are like your family."

Raul and his family spent two and a half "unforgettable years" in Manila. As the twins got to know their wider family, they lost their Australian accents and developed a Filipino lilt.

The family moved back to New York in early 2014, and Raul took on a role in risk management. Life resumed its familiar pattern. "I've got the same phone number as I had before I left," he says. "But what has changed is Macquarie's presence in the Americas. The 100 people when I started has grown to more than 2,500."

Today, Raul's business travel is mostly confined to the US and the occasional overseas conference, which he says suits him at this stage of his life and career.

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