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Tokyo Electron Ltd. (TEL) Trias Ti/TiN

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Tokyo Electron Ltd. (TEL)

Trias Ti/TiN

Metal CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition)

Deposition Equipment

Equipment details:

Date of Manufacture: Feb 23 2007

Currently Configured for: 300mm

Current Equipment Status: Available

Asset HDD not included

Location of Equipment: Hiroshima, Japan

Available date: Currently Available

Tool is running in a productions line in clean room.

Triase+™ Ti/TiN is a 300mm single-wafer metal CVD system for high step coverage Ti/TiN film formation using TiCl4. Based on TEL's industry-proven Trias™ platform, since its introduction, the system provides low contact resistance film process while reducing contact leakage of various devices. Especially in high-aspect-ratio contact hole, Triase+™ SFD™ TiN has been widely adopted by using SFD™ technology that has both merits of excellent step coverage of ALD and high productivity of CVD. The Triase+™HP Ti, single-wafer metal CVD system, accommodates a lot of additional functions such as optimized surface treatments by unique showerhead gas dispersion module and simultaneous TiSix formation technology during Ti deposition. Furthermore the system provides widen temperature control range, lower particle level and higher productivity. Its unique technology addresses the various process requirements of metal deposition that having the structure such as ultra-shallow junction and nickel silicide contacts. As a successor model, Triase+™ HP Ti Plus, which allows higher step coverage for next generation devices, has also been added to the product lineup.

Missing parts: The following parts will be removed from tool before the equipment de-installation starts.

One RF Rack, one Utility Terminator and one Chamber 4. The RF Rack and the Utility Terminator are connected with all Chambers 1, 2, 3 and 4 during the operations.

Both the RF Rack and the Utility Terminator will be removed from the tool before the equipment de-installation. 

PM4 will be removed from tool also. The other chambers won't work as expected.

No damaged parts.


Tool Model  Trias
Process  SFD-TiN/HP-Ti/SFD-TiN
Software Version (include revision #) V3.670R1
System Power Rating  200 AC 3-Phase / 200 AC 1-Phase
Loading Configuration   FOUP 25 slots cassette V5 (LOADPORT)
No major modifications, but couldn't  keep track of the history of small parts replacement for improvement.

   Vendor Chm ModelChemicals / Gases Used (not to use Micron Proprietary names)
Chm/Unit Position   1  SFD-TiNTiCl4/ClF3/NH3/N2
Chm/Unit Position   2  HP-TiTiCl4/ClF3/NH3/H2/Ar/N2
Chm/Unit Position   3  SFD-TiNTiCl4/ClF3/NH3/N2

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