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Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates (VSEA) VIISta HC

Asset ID: 210313

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Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates (VSEA)


High Current Implanter

Ion Implanters

Equipment details:

Date of Manufacture: JULY-2005

Currently Configured for: 300mm

Current Equipment Status: Available

Asset HDD not included

Location of Equipment: Hiroshima, Japan

Available date: 12/25/2022

OEM  Applied Material
Tool Model  VSTHC_HC
Process  IMPLANT
Software Version (include revision #) VCS07.55.3354 SP22
System Power Rating  208VAC 3-Phase
Loading Configuration  1 Process Chambers
   Vendor Chm ModelChemicals / Gases Used (not to use Micron Proprietary names)
Chm/Unit Position   1  _Process Chambers ______BF3/PH3/AsH3____________________
Process Unit:Model:RemarkQTY
1Source Head Advance 54mmConversion Tool from 200mm to 300mm  
2ESC (Platen)COMPⅡ 
3Tilter AssemblyRoplat 
4Process Endstation TypeUES2 
5Load-LoadlocksDual, 25wafer capacity, polished integrated loadlocks with self aligning atmospheric doors. Includes 4 wafer walkout sensors in pass through cassette with through-beam wafer mapping sensor. 
5Buffer Robot Brooks DBM-2076V2 
1ESC ControllerPN: E19283790  
MFC/Pressure Unit:  
11. MFC SystemArgon 
22. MFC SystemBF3 
33. MFC SystemAsH3 
44. MFC SystemPH3 
Drive Mechanisms:  
1Orientor AssemblyE11320430 
FOUP Opener:  
1Foups/Load-Ports4 FOUP - Complies with SEMI E47.1 (25 wafers) 
Gas System:  
1Gas SystemPosition 1 Stick : Argon 
2Gas SystemPosition 2 Stick : BF3 
3Gas SystemPosition 3 Stick : AsH3 
4Gas SystemPosition 4 Stick : PH3 
Exhaust/Pump System:  
1Source Turbo PumpBOC Edward STP-A2203C2DG Parts Items Not Going to Shipout with Tool 
2Beamline Turbo PumpBOC Edward STP-A2203C2 
3Source Rough PumpEBARA A10S 
4Endstation Rough PumpEBARA A10S 
5Cryo PumpsBrooks OBIS320FE 
6Load-Locks Turbo PumpTC750 
Software System :   
1VCS Software Version V80 07 67 186Software Upgrade Not Applicable as per VSEA 
2NCS ComputerDual 2GHzComputer hardware obseleted as per VSEA. If there's any failure, will need to manual rebuilt failed hardware components. ETA will be long according to them. 
3IAN ComputerVSEA-1 (PN:E19287562) 
Safety :   
1VESDA Smoke DetectorEMO Interlocked Vesda smoke detection system  

Fab15 confirmed there were no missing or damaged parts.

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