Macquarie Semiconductor and Technology on behalf of Micron Memory Taiwan Co., Ltd. (F16)

Kashiyama Ind., Ltd. SDE1203TZ

Asset ID: 209433

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Kashiyama Ind., Ltd.


Dry Pump

Support Equipment (Fab)

Equipment details:

Date of Manufacture:

Currently Configured for: N/A

Current Equipment Status: Available

Location of Equipment: Taichung City, Taiwan

Available date: Currently Available

Qty 22- Not overhaul (pump controller is not included)

AreaModeloverhaulS/NFixed Asset No. location
FSTSDE1203TZ-004 Not Overhaul07YUN10475C10109R01365A1-1F
FSTSDE1203TZ-004 Not Overhaul075UN05103C10109R00795A1-1F
FSTSDE1203TZ-004 Not Overhaul074UN03814C10109R00228A1-1F
FSTSDE1203TZ-004 Not Overhaul074UN03819C10109R00939A1-1F
FSTSDE1203TZ-004 Not Overhaul07YUN10480C10109R01370A1-1F
FSTSDE1203TZ-004 Not Overhaul07YUN10464C10109R01354A1-1F
FSTSDE1203TZ-004 Not Overhaul073UN02937C10109R00318A1-1F
FSTSDE1203TZ-004 Not Overhaul07YUN10476C10109R01366A1-1F
FSTSDE1203TZ-004 Not Overhaul073UN02932C10109R00313A1-1F
FSTSDE1203TZ-004 Not Overhaul073UN03215C10109R00220A1-1F
FSTSDE1203TZ-004 Not Overhaul073UN02939C10109R00320A1-1F
FSTSDE1203TZ-004 Not Overhaul07YUN10467C10109R01357A1-1F
FSTSDE1203TZ-004 Not Overhaul074UN04579C10109R00946A1-1F
FSTSDE1203TZ-004 Not Overhaul07XUN09848C10109R00927A1-1F
FSTSDE1203TZ-004 Not Overhaul079UN08555C10109R00908A1-1F
FSTSDE1203TZ-004 Not Overhaul07XUN09852C10109R00931A1-1F
FSTSDE1203TZ-004 Not Overhaul073UN02938C10109R00319A1-1F
FSTSDE1203TZ-004 Not Overhaul075UN05095C10109R00792A1-1F
FSTSDE1203TZ-004 Not Overhaul074UN03820C10109R00940A1-1F
FSTSDE1203TZ-004 Not Overhaul075UN05102C10109R00794A1-1F
FSTSDE1203TZ-004 Not Overhaul075UN05100C10109R00945A1-1F
FSTSDE1203TZ-011 Not Overhaul07XUN09015C10109R00913A1-1F


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