Electronic trading

Global reach, local expertise

Each market is unique. Navigating the markets today has never been more challenging. Constant change in global market structure is only outpaced by the evolution of technology used to trade these markets. With Macquarie's extensive global network and on-the-ground local expertise, clients get the best of both worlds to help guide them to the best solutions.


Macquarie Electronic Execution partners with clients located around the world to help them achieve their global trading objectives. Macquarie provides traders with a comprehensive suite of algorithms, tools and analytics. The platform enables clients to access over 100 liquidity venues in 50 countries through an intuitive global interface. Our algorithms are designed with a deep understanding of global market microstructures and includes regional and market specific optimisation. This technology is complemented with local market colour from our regional trading desks located across the globe.

Macquarie Electronic Execution provides a seamless client experience with 24/6 trading coverage. Our follow the sun coverage model begins Monday with the pre-market open in New Zealand and ends Friday with the US market close. Staffed with experienced traders and quantitative analysts, our trading desks help clients execute orders in the most effective and efficient ways possible – minimising market impact, accessing liquidity effectively and help improve performance.

Macquarie’s Electronic Execution team works alongside clients to understand their complete workflow and execution requirements in order to add value every step of the way. We offer clients extensive execution consultancy by assisting with idea-generation and analysis, providing optimised trade execution and producing detailed post-trade Transaction Cost Analytics reports. As a trusted extension of our clients’ trading desks, Macquarie Electronic Execution is fully dedicated to delivering value for our clients.

Our four key tenets

  • Deep market reach
    More than 100 liquidity venues in 50+ countries.
  • Continuous coverage
    24/6 "follow the sun" trading with support desks in each region.
  • Balance sheet
    One of the strongest funding positions, a $13.4 billion balance sheet with $3.5 billion in excess of Basel III capital requirements.
  • Global footprint
    13,600 employees in 70 offices in 27 countries, 2,250 stocks under coverage globally by 230 research analysts.
  • Best execution
    Strategies that do not engage in economic routing, but rather select execution venues purely to optimize best execution and liquidity sourcing.
  • Aligned interests
    High touch and low touch sales force aligned to provide a seamless client experience.
  • Transparency
    Transparency into trading venue selection, including dark and lit markets.
  • Diverse team
    Highly qualified team of professionals with entrepreneurial, buy-side and sell-side experience.
  • Partnership
    Trusted partner with our clients to devise customised execution strategies.
  • Global and local
    Global trading platform with technology optimised for local market structure.
  • Local access
    Access to on-the-ground market colour and trading flow.
  • Educate
    Ongoing client education in electronic trading developments and insight into market microstructure.
  • Differentiated
    Algos specific to each region with local market microstructure parameters.
  • Predictive vs. reactive
    Algos that dynamically use signals to provide high quality execution.
  • Safeguard
    Built in tactics to proactively minimise and safeguard interactions with toxic flow.
  • Proactive
    Intelligent routing ensures client anonymity and avoids predatory algos.

Algorithms and global market access

Macquarie Execution Services offers a robust set of global algorithms designed with a keen understanding of local market microstructures. Whether the client is a hedge fund in Singapore looking to access liquidity in the Canadian market or an asset manager in London looking to trade a portfolio in Asia, the uniform design of our user interface allows for simplicity of use. Macquarie’s algorithms employ a combination of historical data and/or dynamic signaling depending on the market.

Connectivity and integration

Clients can access our global solutions via most third party EMS and OMS platforms. Macquarie also supports in-house/proprietary systems that utilise the industry standard FIX protocol. Macquarie’s onboarding and connectivity teams work closely with clients’ trading, operations and technology divisions to seamlessly integrate our solutions into clients’ existing workflows.