Commodities and Financial Markets

Commodities and Financial Markets provides clients with risk and capital solutions across physical and financial markets

Commodities and Financial Markets has 9431 staff in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, the UAE, the UK and the US.

Group's net profit contribution2

Half-year to 30 September 2016: 20 per cent

Full year to 31 March 2016: 13 per cent


Commodities and Financial Markets provides clients with risk and capital solutions across physical and financial markets.

Commodities and Financial Markets’ diverse platform has evolved over more than 30 years and provides financing, financial hedging, physical execution and access to market pricing for clients exposed to commodities and financial markets. The group’s global reach includes 24-hour coverage of energy; metals, mining and agriculture; fixed income and currencies; credit; and futures markets.

Clients include:

  • Corporate clients exposed to price changes in commodities, currencies and credit markets
  • Producers, consumers and trading companies buying and selling commodities and freight
  • Clients optimising capital through loan facilities and tailored finance solutions
  • Developers and owners of assets seeking project finance and asset management solutions
  • Pension funds, hedge funds, trading desks seeking access to markets and prices

Commodities and Financial Markets comprises six divisions:

Credit Markets

Credit Markets operates in the United States via its team based in New York. Credit Markets provides specialty lending and balance sheet solutions for middle market borrowers, owners of portfolios of financial assets in the commercial, corporate, consumer and mortgage space, and holders of liabilities in distressed companies. The division has assisted both borrowers and lenders across sectors, include healthcare, consumer/retail, energy/utilities, gaming/leisure, commodities/metals, infrastructure/transportation, real estate and media/telecommunications.

Energy Markets

Energy Markets provides a full spectrum offering to clients with exposure to the energy sector. The division provides risk management, lending and financing, and physical execution and logistics across Global Oil, North American Gas and Power, EMEA Gas, Power and Emissions, Australian Power, and Coal. The division’s deep market insights has been developed over more than 10 years, and is supported by in-house technical experts with backgrounds in scheduling, logistics, meteorology, structuring, geology and petroleum engineering. Macquarie Energy is ranked the third largest physical gas marketer in North America, the highest ranked non-producer3.

Fixed Income and Currencies

Fixed Income and Currencies provides currencies and fixed income trading and hedging services to a range of corporate and institutional clients globally. The division provides 24-hour price making in all major currency pairs as well as offering structured solutions and risk management hedging services. Additionally, it offers retail and wholesale currency delivery and technology platforms. In fixed income markets, the division arranges and places primarily securitised debt for clients in the UK and Australia. It also provides secondary market liquidity in securitised products in the UK and Australia, Australian government, semi-government fixed income and inflation linked bond markets, as well as interest rate risk management services via structured solutions and derivative based products. 


Futures provides a full range of execution, clearing and financing solutions to corporate and institutional clients, providing continuous 24-hour coverage of all major markets globally. Futures also provides services to other divisions within Commodities and Financial Markets and affiliates within Macquarie Group. The division has specialist expertise in energy, freight, grains and soft commodities as well as a market leading position in Australian interest rate products. It also makes use of leading-edge proprietary technology to provide clients with customised solutions for electronic market access, trade management, consolidated clearing and enhanced customer-specific reporting. The division is a leading provider of these services in Australia and a growing participant in North America, Europe and Asia. Macquarie holds various classes of membership to ASX, HKEX, CME Group, ICE, LME, MX, LIFFE, NOS, ECC and EUREX.

Metals, Mining and Agriculture

Metals, Mining and Agriculture provides risk management, lending and financing, and physical execution and logistics services to producers and consumers across the metals, industrial minerals, bulk commodities and agricultural sectors globally. The division also offers commodity-based index products to institutional investors. Macquarie has been active in metals markets for more than 30 years and in agricultural markets for more than 20 years. It has also provided finance to junior miners for more than 25 years. This specialist knowledge is supported by in-house industry experts such as geologists and mining engineers. Macquarie is an Associate Broker Clearing Member of the London Metal Exchange, a Clearing Member of the London Clearing House and an Ordinary Member of the London Bullion Market Association.


Central fosters and develops various non-division specific, early stage or cross-divisional initiatives, as well as housing various Commodities and Financial Markets-wide services including:

  • Structured Commodity Finance which offers services across agriculture, energy and metals including revolving, working capital facilities secured by exchange traded commodities. With staff in New York and London, it also provides repurchase-style physical transactions as well as mezzanine debt, structured facilities and transactions in conjunction with other Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities divisions;
  • Cross-Product Sales teams covering Brazil and Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Middle East, North Africa and Korea. The teams specialise in a particular country/region and support all Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities product lines in a specific geography;
  • Structured Global Markets comprising Cross-Border Activity, Local Market Structuring, Trade Solutions and Global Secured Financing;
  • Private & Structured Finance in Asia and Australia;
  • new jurisdictions and branch initiatives; and
  • joint ventures and alliances.

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1. As at 30 September 2016.
2. Net profit contribution is management accounting profit before unallocated corporate costs, profit share and income tax.
3. Platts Q2 2016.