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Expanding the global coverage of high-quality semiconductors

Macquarie Capital acted as sole global coordinator, sole bookrunner and sole initial purchaser for the $US151 million global depositary receipt offering on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (“LuxSE”) for Panjit International Inc (“Panjit”).

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Sector Technology
Location Luxembourg 


Panjit, a Taiwan-listed semiconductor company, is a leading manufacturer in the global discrete power semiconductor industry, supplying high-quality semiconductors that empower the consumer, green power, industrial, automotive, communication and computing industries.

It has a comprehensive product portfolio, including rectifier diodes, Schottky diodes, MOSFETs, ESD protection devices, TVS and others. 

Since its incorporation in 1986, the company has been dedicated to developing, producing, and selling high-quality discrete power semiconductors. Panjit is one of the top 20 discrete power semiconductor companies globally and ranked among the top ten diode manufacturers in the world1.


In October 2021, Macquarie Capital acted as sole global coordinator, sole bookrunner and sole initial purchaser for Panjit on its $US151 million global depositary receipt offering on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

Macquarie led the execution and coordinated with other professional parties to complete due diligence and offer circular drafting with high efficiency, closing the deal in two months. Macquarie’s efficient and professional execution helped Panjit obtain listing approval from LuxSE earlier than expected and advanced the original timetable by two weeks. 

Prior to the transaction, Macquarie facilitated two rounds of non-deal roadshows for Panjit to meet with high-quality investors from Asia, US and Europe to raise global investors’ awareness of the company’s growth story.   

Macquarie advised Panjit to launch the deal in an optimal market window within a reasonable price range, gauging potential investors’ interest and resulting in strong global institutional funds backing the transaction.


Panjit announced the successful pricing of its new share issuance of global depositary receipts on Luxembourg Stock Exchange. 

It was the best performing Taiwan global depositary receipt issuance on Luxembourg Stock Exchange since 2017, based on its first-day local share price performance post-pricing. The transaction has highlighted Macquarie’s capability in using its global platform to deliver a highly successful cross-border offering.

As part of Panjit’s latest business expansion, the funds raised will be used for repayment of overseas bank loans, procurement of raw materials overseas and global business investments.

  1. According to the Gartner Report

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