Developing key French transport infrastructure
Developing key French transport infrastructure


Developing key French transport infrastructure

APRR is the fourth largest motorway group in Europe, operating more than 2,300 km of toll roads across France that are relied on by approximately 23 million customers each year1,2.

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Sector Infrastructure
Sub-sector Transport
Invested 2006 - 2020


APRR was established in 1961 to partner with the French State and local authorities in the development, construction, and maintenance of motorways across France.

Macquarie Asset Management (MAM) managed funds made their initial investment in APRR in 2006, before partnering with a co-shareholder to take the business private. In 2012, APRR was successfully delisted from the Euronext Paris exchange.  

Recognising the important role APRR’s motorways play in connecting French communities and supply chains, MAM and its co-shareholders supported the business as it developed its network, enhanced safety outcomes, and improved the customer experience.

During MAM’s 14-year association with the business, APRR delivered more than €5 billion of investment to expand and upgrade its network. 


Improved connectivity and safety

MAM supported APRR as it led the development of approximately 200 kilometres of motorway. These works included the A41 north motorway (ADELAC), a key commuter and leisure traffic link between Annecy in eastern France and Geneva in Switzerland, and a project to increase the capacity and safety of Route Centre-Europe Atlantique, a nationally important east-west link connecting Montmarault and Digoin.

Alongside these works, APRR also invested to improve the efficiency and safety of its existing network – widening roads and upgrading service areas. The installation of emergency telephones, as well as safety cameras and sensors, enabled APRR to successfully halve fatalities on its network during the period of MAM’s investment2. Over the same period, health and safety incidents amongst APRR’s workforce fell by a third2.

Protected the natural environment

MAM supported APRR as it implemented a number of initiatives designed to reduce the impact of its network and operations on the natural environment.

To support local ecosystems, APRR expanded the number of wildlife crossings across its network. APRR also invested in water treatment facilities to remove pollutants from stormwater runoff, installed noise reduction barriers, established recycling collection points, and led an extensive tree planting programme.

The business also increased the number of car-pooling car parks along its motorways and replaced its service fleet with electric vehicles.

Initiatives such as these helped APRR reduce its CO2 emissions by more than 10 per cent in the three years prior to MAM’s divestment2.


Focused on what matters

Throughout MAM’s period of involvement with the business, APRR remained focused on its customers and staff.

The more than 23 million motorists that use APRR’s network each year benefited from the businesses’ commitment to enhancing the customer experience. APRR introduced automatic and non-stop tolling technology across its network to improve ease of use and reduce congestion.

APRR understands that an engaged workforce is needed to deliver good customer service and continued product innovation. MAM supported APRR as it fostered a strong organisational culture amongst its more than 3,500 employees – resulting in a low annual staff turnover rate of less than 2.5 per cent2. APRR’s focus on the wellbeing of its workforce saw the business consistently recognised as France’s best employer in the transport sector and celebrated for its efforts to promote diversity and inclusion amongst staff3,4.

>€5 billion invested

to expand and upgrade APRR’s network1

200km of motorway


~50% reduction

in network fatalities and enhanced employee WHS record2

Reduced CO2 emissions

with new electric vehicle charging stations, car-pool car parks and electrified service vehicle fleet

“APRR plays an essential role in connecting France’s economy and society. We are proud to have contributed to the business through our long-term investment – supporting APPR as it enhanced its offering to customers and supported the development of local communities.”

Stephane Brimont - Managing Director

All information current as at March 2020, unless otherwise stated.

  1. By network length
  2. APRR Management Data, 2020
  3. Best Employer (Transport), Capital Magazine Awards 2016-2020
  4. “Label Diversité” certification, AFNOR France, 2020

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