How Macquarie's Insight Programme can kick start your career

Olivia Hall completed Macquarie's Insight Programme in 2016, before joining as an Intern in 2017 and receiving a place on the Graduate Programme in 2018. Now an Associate, Olivia explains how the Insight Programme set her on a career path with Macquarie.


Olivia Hall applied for Macquarie's Insight Programme in 2016, while studying Economic History at Edinburgh University. She wanted to better understand the career opportunities in finance, and was also keen to get a sense of the people and culture at Macquarie.

“My degree didn't match a traditional finance background," explains Olivia. “I applied to the Insight Programme because it was an opportunity to learn a little more before applying for intern programmes."

The Insight Programme provided Olivia with an immersive week at Macquarie.

“I was really encouraged to see how my degree and skills could be transferable to a career in finance," says Olivia.


An insight into Macquarie

Macquarie's Insight Programme runs for four days each April. The exploratory programme is designed to introduce participants to the varied career options at Macquarie.

Olivia enjoyed a packed schedule of panel events, talks and workshops. There were practical sessions on CV building and interview skills, plus activities that helped her consider how her own skills and interests may align with the variety of career options available at Macquarie. But it was the networking and work shadowing opportunities that really opened Olivia's mind to the possibilities of working in financial services.

“I met a range of people across the organisation, from graduates to senior leaders," says Olivia. “They shared and explained what the roles they did each day and why they chose their careers."

“It was inspiring to see first-hand the exciting work they were doing, and the impact Macquarie has."

“The programme also showed me the various career options available in different teams, from risk management to Macquarie Capital, markets and asset management."


A fast track to a Summer Internship and the Graduate Programme

Participants on the Insight Programme have the opportunity to be fast-tracked to interview for Macquarie's Summer Intern Programme. Olivia secured a place, completing her Internship in 2017 with the Macquarie Asset Management (MAM) Real Assets division.

“The 9 week internship allowed me to really understand the complexities of the investment and asset management work MAM undertakes," says Olivia.

Olivia says that being thrown into the deep end and working on live transactions from the start of the internship provided her with amazing hands-on exposure to interesting work.

“It was a steep learning curve but being supported by an ambitious team was an invaluable experience," says Olivia. “My internship gave me a real feel for what a graduate role at Macquarie would be like."

After graduating in 2018, Olivia joined Macquarie Asset Management as an Analyst on the Graduate Programme. She's since been promoted to Associate.


A foot in the door

For Olivia, Macquarie's Insight Programme was a real stepping stone to an Internship and the Graduate Programme.

“Macquarie looks beyond your degree, and also considers skills like enthusiasm, passion and the potential to own your career," says Olivia.

“Completing the Insight Programme and meeting the people within Macquarie really did unlock doors for me," says Olivia. “As a result, I was lucky to secure a graduate role that I find extremely rewarding and challenging."

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