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Macquarie Agricultural Funds Management wins Real Asset Manager of the Year Award

London, 24 September 2009

Macquarie Agricultural Funds Management has been named as Real Asset Manager of the Year at the Foundation & Endowment Money Management’s Nonprofit Awards for Excellence in recognition of outstanding achievements during the past year, through its Macquarie Pastoral Fund.

The US-based Foundation & Endowment Money Management monthly news publication, which announced the winners at an awards ceremony in San Diego on 21 September, rewarded Macquarie Agricultural Funds Management and the Macquarie Pastoral Fund for the development of innovative investment strategies and tailored solutions for nonprofit investors.

It also acknowledged the Macquarie Agricultural Funds Management’s success in increasing the Macquarie Pastoral Fund’s assets under management from nonprofit clients and achieving an impressive performance on the Fund’s overall returns.

In recognition of the award, Mark Faro, Managing Editor of Foundation & Endowment Money Management, said: “In a year when positive returns were scarce and uncorrelated assets virtually nonexistent, Macquarie Agricultural Funds Management delivered a rare combination of both.”

Macquarie Agricultural Funds Management Director, Tim Hornibrook, celebrated the win by reflecting on the diversity that real asset investments can bring to institutional portfolios, especially at a time when volatility in financial markets has impacted many other asset classes.

“We are delighted to have won this award and gained recognition for the benefits real asset investments like the Macquarie Pastoral Fund can bring to a portfolio,” Mr Hornibrook said.

“We work closely with our clients to deliver solutions that best suit their needs and we developed the Macquarie Pastoral Fund to provide them with a new investment opportunity that met their specific requirements. We are thrilled that we have been able to provide not only an innovative investment strategy but one that delivered such impressive results.

“To date, Paraway Pastoral Company Limited, which is the operating entity of the Fund, has acquired 16 farming properties across Australia, spanning from the Northern Territory to New South Wales. This has created a geographically diverse portfolio of properties which produces both sheep and beef cattle.

“Our aim with the Fund is to continue developing this portfolio of land and livestock enterprises with the scale and spread to capitalise on growth in global demand for Australian meat.”

Currently, the properties owned by Paraway Pastoral Company Limited have the combined carrying capacity of 170,000 head of cattle and 100,000 head of sheep. The Macquarie Pastoral Fund continues to experience strong interest from institutional investors internationally and in Australia.

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