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Tokyo Electron Ltd. TELINDY Oxide

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Tokyo Electron Ltd.


Vertical Furnace

Furnaces/Diffusion Systems

Equipment details:

Date of Manufacture: 2006

Currently Configured for: 300mm

Current Equipment Status: Available

Asset HDD not included

Location of Equipment: Lehi, United States

Available date: Currently Available

Tool Status: De-installed by OEM.

Configuration: Audit to verify.


Gas Distribution System           

Basic Style      Integrated Gas System

Tubing Stainless Steel / Wlectro polished

Tubing Bends   Bend

Tube Heating (Include Vacuum Line)      Use

Manual Valve  Fujikin

Air Operated Valve       Fujikin

Filter    PALL(SUS)

Regulator         CKD

MFC (Gas Panel)          Aera D980 Series

Press. Transducer        NAGANO

PAC (Pre Activation Chamber)  None

Auto Shutter     No Storage Purge Type

Manifold Heater Use

Switch valve for Manifold Cooling Water Yes

Gas Cabinet Exhaust Display Units       SI (Pa)

Process Gasses           

Process Gas 1 N2

Process Gas 2 H2

Process Gas 3 O2

Process Gas 4 NO

Process Gas 5 N2O

Clean Gas        HCL


Maker  Fujikin

Model  WVG-SC-O2V1C1B-L-A

Liquid Source Vapor System    None

Vacuum System           

Pump  Edwards iH1800HTX

Pump Provided By       Customer

Pump Power Provided By         Customer

N2 Gas Panel For Pump Provided By    Customer

Pump-FNC Vac Tubing Provided by      Customer

Vacuum Pressure Controller      CKD-VEC

Vacuum Gauge - Pressure Ctrl  MKS Hot Capacitence Manometer 10 Torr

Vacuum Gauge - Pressure Monitor        MKS Hot Capacitence Manometer 1000 Torr

Vacuum Gauge - Pump Monitor MKS Hot Capacitence Manometer 10 Torr

Main Valve       CKD-VEC

Vacuum Exhaust System          4 inch pipe

Trap     Not Installed

Wafer/Carrier Handling  

Wafer Type      300 SEMI STD-Notch

Wafer Notch Aligner     Not Installed

Carrier Type     FOUP / 25 Slot

Carrier Maker/Type       Entegris / F300-2005-17UT1502

Carrier Storage Qty.      18

Fork Type/Material        Al2O3+PEEK

W/T Type         1+4 Edge Grip

Info Pad A,B    None

W/T Wafer I/F Speed (U/D)       Standard

Wafer Loading/Unloading Sequence      ED-->P-->M/M-->P-->ED

Cap Heater       Yes


Qty. of Production wafers         100

Boat Material    Quartz

Boat Type        117 Slot Long Finger (8mm pitch)

Boat Rotation   Installed

Pedestal Type  Quartz

Process Tube   

Process Tube   Quartz Single

Internal T/C Type          Process Tube Interior Wall Type

Soft Backfill Injector     Yes

Tube Sealing    O-ring Seal

Quartzware - General     Quartzware electro fused

Quartz Maker Requirement        None

Quartz Provider TEL

SIC Maker Requirements           None

SIC Provider    None

Comments       See "Quartz Required" Below

Fab. Constraint

System Controller         WAVES (v 5.0)

Front Operation Panel   Installed

Front MMI and Gas Flowchart   FPD and GFC Installed (Front and rear FPD and GFC required )

Signal Tower / Colors   Installed / 4-Color

Color From Top Down  Color               Action        Buzzer         Specification

           Red                      Flash             On                    Alarm

           Yellow                  Flash             On                    FOUP Input Request or Alarmed Lot Recovery       

           Green                   Illuminate       Off                   Processing

           Blue                     Illuminate       Off                   Online

Signal Tower Location(s)           1 (Furnace Front / Operation Panel Type)

General Pressure Display Units Pressure-Mpa / Vac-Torr

Furnace Temperature Controller Model NEW 780A

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