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Novellus Systems Inc. VECTOR Express - PECVD TEOS

Asset ID: 18884

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Novellus Systems Inc.


PECVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition)

Deposition Equipment

Equipment details:

Date of Manufacture: 2008

Currently Configured for: 300mm

Current Equipment Status: Available

Asset HDD not included

Location of Equipment: Taoyuan City, Taiwan

Available date: Currently Available

Tool config is based on original PO, please verify tool details at tool inspection

Platform type: Vector Express

Chamber type: TEOS AMP-DS

Process capability: TEOS oxide

System software: 6.07B93 Windows 2000

Fixload firmware: Rev 1.05

ATM robot firmware (friction end effector): WAVE2, 1.0T CF2.BA with Friction End Effector) 75-294243-00

Hardware Configuration - Frame 

FOUP front end interface: 63-352409-00

Fixload FOUP RFID reader: 6M Hermos (2 FOUP)(integrated into Fixport) 63-292227-02

ATM robot end effector (friction type): 02-273860-03

Loadlock motion controller: 04-322903-00 V 2.80

Loadlock to atmosphere valve (VAT L-motion): 60-123331-00

Loadlock to chamber valve (SMC valve): 63-335469-00(XGT300-30-1A-X1 REV A.) Bonded Gate Valve

Front UI computer: 63-269347-00

Transfer module robot: NA

Transfer robot end effector: NA

Transfer module SMC valve: NA

Transfer module SMC valve gate: NA

Loadlock lift pin servomotor: Motor, Smart, Lift, Express, 33-289141-00

Transfer chamber throttle valve: NA

Loadlock vacuum gate valve: NA

"Loadlock pump isolation valve: 60-266065-00

Valve, Angle, KF25, Pneu, High Speed"

Mini environment AWC: installed

Loadlock baratrom: MKS 750B12TCE2GK - 10 Torr; 27-126062-00

Transfer module baratron: NA

FFU filter: none

Hardware Configuration - Chamber: 

MPD EIOC2: ASSY; SIOC2 V5.00/5.3/B3 VECTOR, 02-321648-00

MACH IV EIOC0: ASSY; SIOC0 V5.00/5.3/B3 VECTOR, 02-321646-00

MACH IV EIOC1/E84/AWC: ASSY; SIOC1 V5.00/5.3/B3 VECTOR, 02-321647-00

MACH IV EC controller: NA

Showerhead assembly (13"): Showerhead; 13" RPC, 16-271392-00

Pedestal position 1 & 2: Pedestal; Novellium Pedestals for RPC/EXPRESS. Position 1. W/ Lift Holes, 02-297112-00(only PED1)

Pedestal position 3 & 4: Pedestal; Novellium Pedestals for RPC/EXPRESS. Position 2,3,4. W/O Lift Holes, 02-297113-00(PED2/3/4)

Captured lift pin assembly: 04-257354-00 (kit)

Remote plasma clean power supply: 27-261291-00 (GENERATOR,REACTIVE GAS,400.0W,4L ASTRON)

HFRF generator: 3000 Watt HF RF Generator. RPC, 27-346755-00 LFRF generator: 27-293721-00 GENERATOR,LF,2500.0W,PDX-2500,370-430KHZ

HFRF match network: RF MATCH,13.56MHZ,NAVIGATOR,SINGLE FREQ27-296376-00

LFRF match network: RF MATCH,400 KHZ,FIXED,RESISTIVE+CAPACIT 27-359862-00

Servo spindle: 02-276537-00 Spindle Assy, Servo, Common(not water cooled)

Pendulum valve assembly (pressure control valve): 04-146459-00 KIT,HEATED PENDULUM VALVE,VCTR

AMPDS quad inlet & divert valves: TUBE ASSY,ALD QUAD VALVE MNFLD,AMPDS,VXT 10-392789-00

AMPDS mechanical assembly: ASSY,VAPORIZER,MECHANICAL,1LIQ,ROUND,HDR, 02-368441-01

Hot chamber hardware: yes

MCA sapphire balls: Ball, MCA Sapphire ball, 22-100613-00

MCA sapphire pins: Pins; Sapphire MCA Pins, 15-315136-00

Ring, wafer lift: Carrier; Ring, Ceramic UPR Spindle/Chamber, 15-122178-00

RPC plasma source: Chamber, Plasma only. ASTRON HF, 27-324553-00 

RPC distribution: 

IR endpoint controller: DETECTOR; SIF4 IREPD VECTOR RPC, 27-450285-00

SIRF enclosure: 04-324886-00 SIRF Kit, VECTOR Express

HFRF power supply: N/A(only RPC)

Servo pin lift: 02-288189-00 ASSY,300MM, LIFT PIN ACTR(not servo)

Transfer plate: 02-279692-00

Filler plate, station 1: Plate, Filler, Hi-Temp, 15-270984-00 

Filler plate, station 2: Plate, Filler, Hi-Temp, 15-270984-00 

Filler plate, station 3 & 4: Plate, Filler, Hi-Temp, 15-270984-00 

Double bonded gate: 22-298249-00 (just P/V o-ring, not bonded)

Inconel chamber screws: no use inconel screw

Gasbox: CESCVD44646A

Baratron 1, process module: MKS 627A11TBC (27-10343-00) 10Torr (Heated)

Baratron 2, process module: MKS 750B13TCE2GK 1000Torr 27-126667-00

Gas Panel (part#, gas species, size)

Line 1: 22-450167-00, He @ 20 SLM

Line 2: not used

Line 3: not used

Line 4: 22-450178-00, Ar @ 10 SLM

Line 5: 22-450165-00, N2 @ 10 SLM

Line 6: 22-450176-00, O2 @ 20 SLM

Line 7: 22-450178-00, Ar @ 10 SLM

Line 8: 22-450162-00, SiH4 @ 1.5 SLM

Line 9: 22-450179-00, CO2 @ 30 SLM

Line A: 22-450165-00, N2 @ 10 SLM

Line B: 22-450169-00, NH3 @ 10 SLM

Line C: 22-450174-00, NF3 @ 10 SLM

Line D: 22-450177-00, O2 @ 7 SLM

Line 14: 22-450175-00, O2 @ 10 SLM

Line 15: 22-450170-00, N2O @ 25 SLM

Line 16: NA

Line 17: NA

Line 18: NA

Line 19: NA

Line 20: NA

Line 21: NA

Line 22: NA



Chemical Cabinet: 

Model: Chemguard100

Vendor: Schumacher

Chemical stored: 19L bulk canister; 19L process canister

TEOS liquid delivery system: 

Model: AMPds

Vendor: LAM

Heat wrap: NA

Loadlock pump: 



Heater Jacket @ foreline: NA

Heater Jacket @ exhaust to scrubber: NA

Process Chamber Pump

Model: IXH3050

Vendor: BOC Edwards

Heater Jacket @ foreline: 150 C

Heater Jacket @ exhaust to scrubber: 150 C

Damage/Missing parts list

Please inspect tool to reconfirm

Dry pumps and customer provided items not included on sales

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