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LAM Research TCP 9600SE

Asset ID: 215020

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LAM Research

TCP 9600SE

Metal Etch

Etch/Ash/Clean - Plasma Processing

Equipment details:

Date of Manufacture:

Currently Configured for: 200mm

Current Equipment Status: Available

Asset HDD not included

Location of Equipment: Hsinchu 300, Taiwan

Available date: Currently Available


Inspect to confirm configuration and condition and missing and damaged parts.

Install Type:Stand Alone

Software Type:Lam Classic  

Software Version:E40 9600

Is System On-Line? No

CE Mark Certified? Yes  

SECS Interface:Yes 

OEM Audit Available? Yes  

Decontamination Report Exists? No

Can Produce Wafers AS IS? No

Any Known Field Modifications? Yes  

All Cables Present? No

Gas Panel Type:Standard 

Etcher Mainframe Type:Stand Alone

Directory of Etch Chamber/System Types:Process

9600, 9600SE, 9600SE II, 9600PTX, 9600DFM: Metal Etch

Microwave Strip, DSQ, PLL:DSQ

Key Common Options:Included?

Signal Lamp Tower:Yes  


Built-In SMIF:No

Clean Room Manuals:No

Standard Manuals:No

Remote Operator Interface:No

Key Stand Alone Mainframe Items

Equipe Autoloader:Yes  

Built-In Hepa Filter:No

Orbitally Welded Gas Box:No

Backside Helium Cooling Yes  

  Helium Cooling MFC Type:622A-13224

Heated Pumping Manifolds:No

On-Board RF Generators:Yes 

Remote RF Cart:No

Remote Gas Box:No

Main On-Board AC Distribution Type:Circuit Breaker

Remote AC Box:Yes  

WVDS :Yes 

Hine 38A Indexers:No

Endpoint Detection System:Yes  

Endpoint Type:Photodiode

Chamber Liner Present:No

Electrode Gap:Fixed Gap

Wafer Clamp:ESC 

TCP Coil Size:8”  

Key Alliance Mainframe Items

Robot Type:Autoloader

Entrance/Exit or Loadlock Pump



Not Included With System

Main Etch Chamber Pump



Quantity Required:1 

Not Included With System

Strip/Ash Chamber Pump 



Quantity Required:1  

Not Included With System

Roughing Pump

System Requires #3 Pump:No

Not Included With System

Chiller Information



Electrical Requirements

# of Cooling Channels:One  

Quantity Required:1 

Not Included With System

Gas Box Configuration

Maximum Number of Gas Lines:Standard (8)  

​Gas Line # Gas Flow (sccm)

1 CL2 200

2 BCL3 100

3 SF6 100

4 N2 20

5 N2 500

6 AR 200

7 O2 2000

8 CF4 200


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