A vital link in the funding cycle

Delivering financing solutions across the supply chain

Our solutions include payables financing for buyers and receivables financing solutions for vendors.

Our solutions

Payables finance

Our unique product is tailored to the needs of the global distribution channel.

We engage directly with key regional distributors around the world to provide scalable trade-linked facilities, enabling them to settle the invoices of major suppliers early while allowing for extended payment terms.

Accessible line of funding

  • Pay single or multiple vendors through a simple, streamlined platform.

Scalable and flexible solutions

  • Make the most of seasonal demand with increased flexibility in payment terms.

Valuable early pay discounts

  • Take advantage of accelerated payment incentives.

Extended terms

  • Finance the full cash cycle into the reseller channel.

Improved supplier relationships

  • Benefit from a reputation for reliability with prompt payments to key suppliers.

Global solutions

  • Leverage Macquarie’s position as a leading financial institution in mature and emerging markets around the world.


Vendor receivables finance

Linking the needs of equipment manufacturers, distributors and resellers.

We help suppliers stay competitive by providing scalable solutions for single and multiple customer portfolios that promote business growth.

Mitigate credit risk

  • Sell and grow with confidence in both domestic and challenging overseas markets.

Maintain days sales outstanding metrics

  • Know you’ll receive payments early from a leading, global financial institution.

Consolidate payments

  • Reduce administrative costs through common due dates and simplified processing.

Higher credit lines

  • Drive more volume through higher customer purchasing power.

Reduce the burden of working capital

  • Reduce working capital burden and increase sales.

The Macquarie difference

Providing our clients with consistent and quality service is paramount. It’s what sets us apart.

Our team is diverse and merges experience across asset finance, banking and specialist markets. This depth means detailed understanding.

We have asset finance expertise across aviation, rail, motor vehicles, technology, healthcare, manufacturing, energy and mining equipment. We cover the spectrum.

We have the capabilities and innovation to develop customised solutions to meet the unique needs of every client. Our solutions make a difference.

Macquarie has a global footprint reaching over 27 countries, with experts on the ground. Our networks span the globe.

Our strong culture of innovative thinking means we develop solutions for a wide range of asset financing issues. We like a challenge.