Incheon Grand Bridge


Another link to Incheon International Airport expected to reduce travel time between outer Seoul region, Incheon's new Songdo city and the airport

Asset overview

Incheon Grand Bridge is a 12.3 km, dual three-lane tolled bridge connecting Incheon International Airport to the newly developed commercial area of New Songdo International District in Incheon City. Construction began in July 2005 and completed in October 2009 as originally scheduled. Incheon Grand Bridge is the longest bridge in Korea and the fifth-longest cable-stayed bridge in the world.

Investment details

MKIF has invested in Incheon Bridge Co., Ltd. (“IBC”), the concessionaire of Incheon Grand Bridge, in the form of equity and subordinated loan. As of the record date, MKIF is a 64.05% shareholder of IBC, and MKIF’s total investment amount is KRW 295.4 billion, which is comprised of equity of KRW 54.4 billion and subordinated loan of KRW 241.0 billion.

Concession agreement

Concession agreement
Government authority: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Concession term: 30 years
Guarantee duration: 15 years
Concession term commencement: October 2009
Minimum Guarantee: 80% of annual CA projected revenue
Revenue Cap: 120% of annual CA projected revenue


Length: 12.3 km
Capacity: Dual three-lane in both directions