MKAM Board of Directors


The MKAM Board of Directors is responsible for establishing an effective corporate governance framework and MKAM management oversight, with a view to ensuring that MKAM performs its duties with due care and diligence in accordance with the Management Agreement. MKAM's current board of directors comprises of three directors.

The current Directors of MKAM are:

  • Chul Hum Paik - Representative Director
  • Jason Pak - Director
  • Namwook Choi - Director


The credentials of the MKAM directors are detailed below.

Chul Hum Paik   BEc (Economics)

Representative Director

Chul Hum Paik

Mr Paik was appointed as Representative Director of MKAM in December 2006. Before his appointment as Representative Director of MKAM, Mr Paik had led the Macquarie Capital Structured Finance division of Shinhan Macquarie Financial Advisory since 2001. From 1993 to 2001, he had spent eight years at Shinhan Bank, mainly in the International Banking division and Investment Banking division. Mr Paik specialised in project financing advisory assignments, asset based financing transaction, and cross border leasing transactions.

Mr Paik has an Economics degree from London School of Economics.

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Jason Pak   MBA, BEc (Economics)


Jason Pak

Mr Pak joined MKAM as the Chief Operating Officer in October 2007, responsible for overall fund management of MKIF including transactions, capital management, and investor relations. Mr Pak has been also responsible for the operational aspects of MKAM. Prior to joining MKAM, he had spent four years in the equity capital markets and M&A advisory side with Macquarie Securities. Before joining Macquarie, Mr Pak had worked in the Corporate Finance division of KPMG, in both Seoul and in London, on the M&A advisory side for five years.

Mr Pak graduated in Business Economics from University of California, Santa Barbara, and has an MBA from Drucker School of Management, Claremont Colleges (USA).

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Namwook Choi   BEc (Economics)


Namwook Choi

Mr Choi joined MKAM in January 2007 and is currently the Head of Private Concession and Real Estate Team. Mr Choi began his professional career at Samsung Securities and had taken various roles in structured finance and investment banking over ten years, including KT&G and MKIF IPOs.

Mr Choi graduated in Economics from University of Busan.

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