Meter Asset Provision

Meter Asset Provision

Macquarie Energy Leasing is a fully integrated MAP and delivers all aspects of its operating model to energy suppliers both large and small including:

  • Funding: including the procurement/financing of meters and the financing of installation costs
  • MAP Services: including procurement, asset management and tracking, fault triage, warranty claim management.

Macquarie Energy Leasing also operates a specialist Meter Processing Centre (MPC) in Coventry to receive, sort, store and refurbish removed and returned meters from energy suppliers. The MPC currently receives and processes over 15,000 meters every month.

The deregulated metering market in the UK is in an exciting stage of its development as it evolves to deliver the government mandated roll out of smart meters by 2020. We are at the forefront of reshaping this sector and will continue to strive to deliver efficient and cost effective meters and related communication infrastructure to our clients.

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