Data destruction and disposal

Data destruction

Macquarie offers various cost effective data destruction options to reduce the risk of damaging data leaks and to simplify data privacy. Our higher level destruction options ensure all data is destroyed and safe from recovery.


  • Certification that global security and privacy regulations are met
  • Customization to balance security needs with cost and time constraints
  • Services can be performed at customer location
  • Confidence that all data has been destroyed
  • Assurance that when equipment is inoperable or system not bootable, drive will be
    physically disabled
  • Ability to focus on other important business issues since Macquarie is taking care of data destruction requirements.


1x overwrite

Boot sector data wipe, where data remains, but any operating system and master boot record rendered useless.

3x overwrite

Data is completely overwritten in random patterns three times.

7x overwrite

Data is completely overwritten in random patterns seven times.


Equipment disposal

Macquarie offers environmentally safe disposal to care for the environment, and because electronic waste is a major global problem. Our asset disposal program addresses environmental issues in the following ways:

Equipment that has value

Refurbished and remarketed to lower end-user requirements and extend the lifecycle of equipment

Equipment with no value

Recycled to meet environmental and regulatory requirements

Regulations and guidelines

Monitored closely to ensure changes in disposal hazards are proactively addressed

Contact us for the services available in a specific location/geography.