Distribution finance

Macquarie distribution finance provides a vital link in the funding cycle between global manufacturers, distribution partners and resellers. By delivering a low cost, flexible source of working capital, we help equipment suppliers and buyers to improve cash flow, control credit risk,  and accelerate sales growth.

We have solutions to fit a range of businesses – from major multinational equipment manufacturers selling in emerging markets around the world to large distributors selling in domestic reseller channels.

Two of our major product offerings include distribution payables finance and vendor distribution finance.

Distribution payables finance

Macquarie's distribution payables finance is a unique product that focuses on the needs of the global distribution channel. We engage directly with key regional distributors around the world to provide scalable trade-linked facilities, enabling them to settle the invoices of major suppliers early while allowing for extended payment terms.

Key features

  • Accessible funding line to pay single or multiple vendors
  • Scalable and flexible capacity to meet seasonal demands
  • Valuable early pay discounts as a result of accelerated payments
  • Extended terms to finance the full cash cycle into the reseller channel
  • Improved supplier relationships with prompt payments to key suppliers
  • Worldwide solutions in both mature and emerging markets.

Vendor distribution finance

Macquarie's vendor distribution finance links the needs of equipment manufacturers, distributors and resellers. We help suppliers stay competitive by providing scalable solutions for single and multiple customer portfolios that promote business growth.

Key features

  • Credit risk mitigation to sell and grow safely in both domestic and challenging overseas markets
  • Early payment from a global bank maintaining DSO metrics
  • Increase revenue and gross margins, making the program a profit-center
  • Consolidated payments with common due dates for reduced administration
  • Higher credit lines to increase customer purchasing power
  • Increased sales with reduced working capital burden.