Financing options

Macquarie offers financing that is designed to provide significant flexibility as needs change. Depending on the particular circumstances, leases can accommodate the following options.

Upgrades and/or

Upgrade or swap equipment so that the most productive assets are always utilized. New features can also be added to the schedule on a co-terminous basis.

Midterm adjustments

Shorten or extend the term of the lease, at fixed costs, should unexpected events occur or needs change. This includes the ability to request an early termination of the lease.

Used equipment

Lease used equipment or have Macquarie source it. This is a cost-effective option for increasing capacity or migrating to newer technology without the high price of direct purchasing.

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Skip payments

Schedule payments to skip those months with unpredictable and/or lower income streams. Skip payments are ideal for seasonal slowdowns, scheduled equipment downtimes, slow accounts receivable collection and more.

Step/uneven payments

Begin a lease with lower or higher payments in order to accommodate unique business circumstances.