Supported platforms


Macquarie provides clients with access to a range of trading platforms that offer the convenience of electronic trading. Access to key global exchanges such as EUREX, Liffe, CME/ CBOT, NYMEX, is all at the touch of a button.

Macquarie supports FIX connectivity, ensuring untouched order execution from client systems to the Exchange server. Our supported DMA platforms include:

Macquarie supports TT_X Trader for trading, providing our clients with:

  • Support for market orders, limit orders, multiple contract orders, calendar spreads and inter-product spreads plus specialised order contingencies such as GTC, FOK, IOC and stops
  • Customised desktop to match personal trading styles and preferences
  • Real-time fill and position details with easy access and dynamic audit trail
  • Vertical market depth display allowing immediate reaction to changes in market conditions.

For more information on this trading platform, visit the Trading Technologies website.

Through PATS we provide clients with:

  • A powerful front-end application and FIX connectivity to enable trading across all major futures exchanges including direct market access to over 60 exchanges
  • Pre- and post-trade risk management systems that calculate risk across multiple asset classes real-time
  • Low-latency order routing via Order Routing Engine (ORE)
  • Scaleable architecture proven to support very large numbers of traders across global sites with high transaction volumes, to many exchanges.

For more information on this trading platform, visit the PATS website.  

Bloomberg Tradebook offers clients access to:

  • Unique algorithms which allow traders to quickly and accurately implement complex trading strategies with fully customisable entry and exit logic using Bloomberg data
  • A highly customisable trading front end designed to meet your preferred trading strategies
  • Turnkey solutions that simplifies workflow - trade directly from Bloomberg screens.

For more information on this trading platform, visit the Bloomberg Tradebook website.  

Quick Screen Trading (QST) provides users with a:

  • Comprehensive, fast and flexible order entry and management with charting and analytics, real-time quotes and news and multiple monitor support
  • Consolidated order flow on Rolfe & Nolan RANorder or Trading Technologies FIX Adapter providing greater flexibility to route orders through a single network for firm-wide risk control
  • "Mobile Desktop" allowing users to save their preferred settings and retrieve information from another location, enabling users to work from home or office with the same screen layout and configuration.

For more information on this trading platform, visit the QST website

Whether trading from your desktop in the office or checking fills on your Blackberry, with CQG you can:

  • Monitor market activity almost anywhere in the world
  • View depth-of-market information beyond the best bid and offer
  • Customise your view to show working orders, filled orders, account balances, unrealised PnL for options and futures, collateral on deposit and much more.

For more information on this trading platform, visit the CQG website