Virtual Inspection Program

Keeping the semiconductor supply chain moving

COVID-19 has disrupted the world as we know it, global travel bans, quarantine timeframes and factory closures implemented since the outbreak have exposed flaws in global supply chains, including the end-to-end electronic supply chain.

Before the outbreak, equipment engineers routinely traveled to conduct equipment inspections before purchasing. However, international border closures and access limitations inside facilities have disrupted the supply chain as buyers needing equipment are hesitant to invest without the added confidence provided by in-person equipment inspections.

To address this challenge, Macquarie is helping clients pivot to a digital model by utilising video technology for equipment inspections. The Virtual Inspection Program provides the ability to perform equipment inspections, but without the cost, worry or hassle of travel.

How the Virtual Inspection Program (VIP) works

1. Coordination

Macquarie coordinates with all parties and pre-arranges the inspection timing and scope.

2. Inspection

Using a video conference platform, the inspection is typically performed live by the seller or Macquarie specialist.

3. Management

Over the course of the inspection, the dedicated Macquarie specialist addresses questions, assists with translation, and manages post inspection details.

Program benefits to clients

Equipment buyers

Establishes a higher degree of confidence in their purchasing decision

Reduces delays caused by travel or quarantine restrictions

Eliminates travel costs - international flights, hotel and meals

Equipment sellers

Sell surplus equipment faster

Avoids health concerns posed with additional people on-site

Improves time-efficiency of staff required to administer safety & security protocols

Potential to maximize offers received with increased buyer confidence

The environmental impact

Virtual equipment inspections reduce if not eliminate the need to travel, thereby reducing CO2 emissions.

For some companies, reducing their carbon footprint by offering Virtual Inspections or participating in them instead of traveling, may contribute to overall corporate environmental and sustainability goals.

For a round-trip flight from Shanghai to San Jose, CA, for example, the carbon emission is 3.3 tonnes according to flight emission calculator.

Are you purchasing or selling surplus semiconductor or other technology equipment?  

If you are interested in purchasing equipment with confidence, visit our equipment inventory and contact us to schedule your virtual inspection.

If you are interested in selling your equipment or want to learn more about how the Virtual Inspection Program or other Macquarie offerings can benefit your business, please contact us at any of our regional locations to discuss. 

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