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BESI Datacon 8800 TC

Asset ID: 41169

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Datacon 8800 TC

Die Bonder


Equipment details:

Date of Manufacture:

Currently Configured for: To be determined

Current Equipment Status: Available

Asset HDD not included

Location of Equipment: Taichung City, Taiwan

Available date: 3/1/2021




X/Y placement accuracy± 2 µm @ 3 sigma
Accuracy self checkSingle BMC kit
Outputup to 1,000 UPH
Number of bond heads2
7-axis TC bond head-4° - 4° rotation
Tool heatingup to 420 °C
Ramping speed+ 200 °C/s (Heating)
- 100 °C/s (Cooling)
Temperature uniformity± 5 °C
Interface temperature monitoringIntegrated measurement
Bond force3 - 250 N (full UPH)
Bond controlForce / Height / Both combined
Tool flatness± 1 µm
Co-planarity± 2 µm @ 10 mm
Co-planarity set-upAutomatic
Footprint1,600 x 1,200 x 1,880mm (with dual monitor)
Uptime> 95%


Substrate & Carriers

C2S - Stripsmax. 260 x 125 mm
C2S - Boats/Carriersmax. 260 x 125 mm
C2W - Wafersmax. 12" (300 mm)
C2W - LoadingManual / FOUP on request (option)
Substrate heatingmax. 200 °C ± 2.5%



Die size2 - 16 mm
Die thickness50µm - 3mm, thinner on request
Wafer size8" - 12" (200 - 300 mm)
Frame size9" - 15" (125 - 375 mm)


Multi-chip Capability

TeachingCamera view
Multi-chip modesStacked die or Side-by-side
Wafer changeAutomatic (up to 25 types per cassette)
Pick & Place tool changeManual
Ejector tool changeAutomatic (up to 3 sizes)
Bond profilesIndividual bond profiles per stack layer


Component Handling

Flip chip unitPick-up of the component from wafer, 180° rotation of the flip arm and presentation to the bond head
Wafer pre-rotation0° - 280°
Slide fluxerOptional
Cassette sizeup to 25 film frames per cassette


Substrate Handling

Substrate & carrier transportGripper based with vacuum cups
Wafer transportRobot handling (from dual FOUP port on request)
I/O bufferFlat belt system, inline (SMEMA) or stand-alone possible
I/O Elevator typeProgrammable lift systems for one magazine
I/O Magazine sizeVarious (on request)


Tool system

Bond toolsIntegrated heater / cooler and temperature sensor
Single chip ejectorFor one configured ejector tool
Multi chip ejectorAutomatic quick changing carousel system, max. 3 ejector tools


Vision system

Field of ViewWafer camera: 12 x 12 mm 
Substrate camera: 2.0 x 1.6 mm
Up-looking camera: 2.0 x 1.6 mm
IlluminationProgrammable RGB lighting (4 different colors)
Image recognition methodsCircle search, edge search, bump search, feature matching, structure search, epoxy inspection, contour inspection, datamatrix recognition, ...


Computer and MMI system

Operating systemLinux
User interface (GUI)User-friendly graphical user interface with pull-down menus
Monitor2x 19" flat screen
Data storageHDD, USB
Data transferFTP via TCP/IP network, SECS/GEM
InterfaceSMEMA 1.2, SECS-II (GEM compliant)


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