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Novellus Systems Inc. Concept Three Altus

Asset ID: 67451

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Novellus Systems Inc.

Concept Three Altus

WCVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition)

Deposition Equipment

Equipment details:

Date of Manufacture: 2010

Currently Configured for: 300mm

Current Equipment Status: Available

Asset HDD not included

Location of Equipment: Taoyuan, Taiwan

Available date: Currently Available

Tool config is based on original PO, please verify tool details at tool inspection

Tool Model: C3-SCON

Software Version: 5.86B150

System Power Rating: 208 AC 3-Phase

Loading Configuration: 3 load ports

Chamber lift pin Servo moter assembly Qty 2- Retrofit to servo moter from Pneumatic

Process Unit:4200-61 VIA W DEP

Chm/Unit Position 1: C3 ALTUS CHA; Chemicals / Gases Used: Ar/SiH4/H2/WF6/NF3/B2H6/N2

Chm/Unit Position 2: C3 ALTUS CHB; Chemicals / Gases Used: Ar/SiH4/H2/WF6/NF3/B2H6/N2

Facility & Interface

Altus Module Locations: Dual

WTS(backbone) Facilities Connection Configuration: Bottom Facilities Installation

Remote Interconnect Cables: 75 feet

4 Color Flush Mount Signal Tower: 34-291897-04

Factory Automation Interface (Over Head Transport), [E84 AMHS Protocal]: E84 controller 02-321482-00 /E84 cable 03-160683-00

WTS Frame: 3 FOUP, IMM, F47

2 FOUP or 3 FOUP Front End Interface: 3 FOUP

Fixload FOUP RF ID Reader: READER,RFID,OMRON V640-HS61 27-327806-00

Fixload Firmware: Rev 2.9

Remote Back End User Interface (Ergotron): 04-346723-00

Primary Front End User Interface Position: Right

Modular Power Distribution, [MPD,DUAL, ALTUS,C3PDP]: 01-296434-03

Front End (backbone) 

ATM Robot Kit (Traverser, Robot, Controller), [Reliance]: Traverser 02-320123-00/Robot 02-343723-00/Controller 02-343877-00

ATM Robot Firmware (for friction end effector): 1.47

ATM Robot End Effector (Friction Type): 15-360099-01

Transfer Module Robot With Leapfrong Armset, [Mag7]: DRIVE UNIT 27-355276-00/Arm set 63-263892-00

Transfer Module to Chamber Valve (SMC Valve): 63-294083-02

Cooling Pedestals in Loadlocks: 02-307891-01 Right 02-307891-02 Left

Throttle Valve, WTS: 60-100802-00

Loadlock ATM Gate Valve, VAT: 63-328046-00

Loadlock Vacuum Gate Valve, VAT: 60-309252-00

Leak check shut-off valve (attach to existing KF-40): 04-110786-00

Readiness Kit (If ordered as a single Altus): NA

Mini Environment AWC: Installed

Transfer Module AWC (LED), [SENSOR XMITTER/SNS RECIEVER]: 03-257256-00\03-257257-00

IMM Ready (IMM Mount, cabling, 17" UI, Traverser, etc): NO 


Module Controller Type: 02-321865-00 

System Controller Type: 61-311719-00

System Software (Proteus): 2.652 B35

System Software (QNX): 5.83 B22

WTS IOC: Firmware

0: HDESIOC/1.309

1: N/A

E84/AWC: HDESIOC/1.407

Altus IOC: Firmware

0: ESIOC Firmware 1.309

1: ESIOC Firmware 1.309

2: ESIOC Firmware 1.309

Chase UI Computer: 04-346723-00

Windows Version: Windows 2000

Process Chamber Configuration

Shower Heads: 16-289070-00

Pedestal Position #1-#4 (ASSY, PED,300MM WCVD,PREHEAT): 16-341152-00

MOER Rings 2.25mm: 02-344085-02

Remote Plasma Clean(Generator, 4L, Astron): 27-261291-00

Indexer Plate, HUB: 15-100082-00

Indexer Plate, Upper Assembly: 15-046309-00

Spindle Assembly: 02-347420-00

IR Endpoint Detector, Kit: 27-304149-00

Leak Check Shutoff Valve for Process Module: 60-268274-00


Throttle Valve MKS (Pressure Control Valve): 60-174047-00

Throttle Valve MKS (Controller/Firmware): 27-325180-00

Gate Valve, L-Motion, SMC: 63-294083-02


Gas Box Configuration

Micron Special: All Digital MFC with Gas Interface: B2H6 PA type , others are PI type

ALD valves: ALD Valves

Slot: Gas

A & B Manifold: 

3: PI-980 H2 / 30 SLM

4: PI-980 Ar / 20 SLM

I: PI-980 NF3 / 5 SLM

D Manifold: 

1: PI-980 Ar / 5 SLM

2: PI-980 SiH4 /500 SCCM

N: FC-PA7800C B2H6 /500 SCCM

H Manifold: 

D: PI-980 Ar/20 SLM

W Manifold: 

5: PI-980 WF6/500 SCCM

C Manifold: 

8: PI-980 Ar/10 SLM

9: PI-980 H2 / 30 SLM

J Manifold: 

E: PI-980 WF6/500 SCCM

K Manifold: 

G: PI-980 SiH4 /500 SCCM

F: PI-980 Ar/5 SLM

X: FC-PA7800C B2H6 /750 SCCM

Ar Carrier Manifold: 

C: PI-980 Ar / 20 SLM

M: PI-980 Ar / 20 SLM

M Manifold: 

J: PI-980 WF6/500 SCCM

N Manifold: 

K: PI-980 WF6/500 SCCM

F Manifold: 

P: PI-980 Ar / 20 SLM


Altus, CAP MANOMETER,HEATED 100 TORR: 27-10340-00

Altus, CAP MANOMETER,HEATED 10 TOR: 27-10343-00

Altus, Backside, CAP MANOMETER,HEATED 100 TORR: 27-10340-00

WTS, Loadlock, MANOMETER,100T,MKS,750B,DSUB: 27-126439-00


Damage/Missing parts list

Please inspect tool to reconfirm

Dry pumps and customer provided items not included on sales

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The information referenced on this page is accurate to the best of our knowledge. We do not warrant the completeness or accuracy of the information contained herein. Interested parties are encouraged to request inspection to verify equipment condition, configuration, and completeness. Any offer to purchase equipment shall be subject to our standard terms and conditions of sale.

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