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How a career in risk can lead to opportunities spanning markets and businesses

Contemplating a career in risk management? Hear from a few of our people on why a role at Macquarie can open the door to international opportunities and diverse business groups.


Throughout her eight years at Macquarie, Sally Clubb has worked in three different markets across four different risk roles.

Sally joined Macquarie in 2010 based in the London office, working for the Financial Management Group funds team. During her time there, Sally had two children before moving to Houston to take up a risk management role supporting the market operations division.

“I opted to work in Houston for 12 months as this fitted in well with our circumstances at that time.  As a family we then moved back to Sydney and I continued in my Risk Management role supporting Market Operations, focusing on the Fixed Income and Margining teams,” she says. “After two years back in Sydney, I was given the opportunity to lead risk management for brand and marketing function and the Macquarie Group Foundation globally, whilst continuing to support market operations. In April of this year, I took up the opportunity of Global Head of Operational Risk for the human resources division. The opportunities that Macquarie provide for internal mobility are unlike anywhere else that I’ve worked.”

Beyond mobility, one of the unique drawcards of a risk role at Macquarie is the opportunity to work with a variety of senior stakeholders across diverse business groups, giving you visibility into many areas of the organisation. 

“Risk roles at Macquarie have large scopes which constantly change and adapt. This provides endless career opportunities within the various risk teams, which is evident from my own personal experience. The skills and relationships you build in a risk role open up mobility opportunities to move into other divisions and locations across Macquarie," says Sally.

The opportunities to move between divisions and locations at Macquarie are, in my view, what sets it apart from a lot of other organisations."

Jonathan Boswell, Head of Operational Risk | Corporate Operations Group

Sally works four and a half days a week, working one and a half of these from home. Macquarie’s approach to flexible work arrangements has also meant that Sally has been able to find a balance between work and raising her two children – something she thinks is key in keeping employees engaged.  

“Macquarie provides an environment where you are constantly learning and being challenged whilst providing the support to succeed. It also provides an environment where the right level of flexibility and work life balance are considered.”

Like Sally, Jonathan Boswell, Head of Operational Risk in the Corporate Operations Group, has also had many careers at Macquarie. Working across business groups and locations, Jonathan says the opportunities for internal mobility within the business are boundless.

“I worked in business banking before moving to a role in market operations. I’ve also worked in project and business management as well as spending two years in the London office.”

“The opportunities to move between divisions and locations at Macquarie are, in my view, what sets it apart from other organisations. I’ve seen many people from the risk team move into leadership roles as this function plays such a central focus at Macquarie.” 

Jonathan believes that the diversity of Macquarie’s business provides the opportunity to be involved in transactions, which many people would not normally get exposure to in traditional investment banking risk roles.

“As the only global financial services group of our kind that’s headquartered in Australia, there is a real opportunity for an exciting, challenging and diverse career in risk management at Macquarie. All employees are required to be risk managers, which means it is seen as a priority, and engagement with roles in risk is high across the business.”

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