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Ankur Jain: Taking a leap of faith with Macquarie

In 2010, Ankur Jain joined the Financial Management Group in Macquarie’s Gurugram office as an Executive. At the time there were just 150 employees in the office. He’s now an Associate Director and the Gurugram team has grown to over 1,600 people, and Ankur has played an integral role in this journey.

After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary, Ankur Jain spent two years as a tax consultant at a multinational professional services firm, before taking what he describes as a “leap of faith” with Macquarie in 2010.

“Macquarie had a relatively small office in India at the time, but its global profile was appealing,” Ankur says. “I could see the potential of what Macquarie could achieve in India.”

Contributing to growth

Ankur is now an Associate Director in the Financial Management Group in Macquarie’s Gurugram office, leading teams that support the finance function of Macquarie Asset Management and its subdivisions.

Originally, Ankur began his career with the organisation as an Executive working in financial control. As his role expanded, he was promoted to Manager, then Assistant Vice President.

From the very beginning of his career with Macquarie, Ankur says he was encouraged to engage with senior stakeholders and given exposure to complex projects like setting up the fund management team for Macquarie’s investment management arm.  

“This laid the foundation of my career at Macquarie,” he explains.

“As part of establishing finance projects and setting up teams in India, I had the opportunity to travel both to Sydney and New York.”

Ankur also had the chance to work across global projects, including setting up and training finance functions for Macquarie’s then newly established office in Jacksonville, US.

Global responsibility

Ankur and his team provides end-to-end accounting and financial reporting to asset management teams across the globe, as well as a complete legal entity control function for Australia and Asia.

Working across Australian, US, Asian and European time zones, the team deals with issues and questions from senior stakeholders and auditors. Daily reporting work sits alongside large projects like Macquarie’s recent transition to a new general ledger.

Building a network

Collaborating with other teams is a key part of Ankur’s role, and he believes the global networks he has built are as important to his role as his finance skills.

I’m proud that through my networks I’ve been able to solve complex problems with ease and expand our Gurugram team that is delivering great outputs for Macquarie."

He believes one of the biggest challenges he’s faced over his decade at Macquarie was the transition to a management role, but it also brought the greatest rewards.

“I spend a lot of time connecting with people and taking a partner approach to leadership, alongside the problem solving and decision making that comes with the job,” Ankur says.

Embracing and enabling change

Having spent seven years at Macquarie, Ankur decided to leave in 2017 to work for a New York-based investment technology company. But within a year he was drawn back to Macquarie by an opportunity to augment the finance function for the asset management division in Gurugram.

“I missed the size of Macquarie and its dynamic environment,” says Ankur. “Macquarie is synonymous with change and, unsurprisingly, a lot had changed in my year away.”

As Vice President, leading the Financial Control team of the asset management business, he quickly grew the team from 16 to 38 employees, and says he enjoys working with a diverse group of people, the challenges in the global role and the freedom and entrepreneurship he experiences at Macquarie.

“It’s the Macquarie gene that keeps me here,” he says. “It’s a culture of ownership where you have the freedom to lead and deliver.”

Due to the pandemic, it has been more than 18 months since his whole team worked in the office. However, Ankur says their resilience combined with Macquarie’s investment in technology means the work has been seamlessly completed.

“I’m itching to get back to the office but excited about the possibilities hybrid working gives our teams to work flexibly and still deliver our best,” Ankur says. “This approach has always been unique to Macquarie, even prior to the pandemic.”

Transforming the future

Ankur says the transformation occurring in Macquarie’s finance function represents a huge opportunity for his team. He is also excited about being part of the bigger picture of Macquarie Asset Management’s journey.

“The focus of Macquarie on green energy and sustainable growth for the entire community is also inspiring.”

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