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KLA-Tencor Corp. Archer 600

Asset ID: 211214

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KLA-Tencor Corp.

Archer 600

Overlay Measurement System

Metrology Equipment

Equipment details:

Date of Manufacture: Oct. 2016

Currently Configured for: 300mm

Current Equipment Status: Available

Asset HDD not included

Location of Equipment: Boise, United States

Available date: Currently Available

Vendor Tool Serial #6032848
Tool ModelArcher 600
Loading ConfigurationPhoenix efem - 3 load ports
Any equipment manuals available?  Yes
Tool under OEM service contract?   Yes
MFC/Pressure Unit:BROOKS
RowParent CompntPart DescriptionDetailed DescriptionPart Qty
1SafetySafetyS2 and CE compliant1
2General DescriptionBasic SystemModel A600 AIM Triple FOUP1
3Fixed System ConfigurationPhoenix 300mm Triple3-Loadport Frontend (Phoenix  handler v3.0)1
4Fixed System ConfigurationCMP 200 Option - Adaptive Noise Reduction1
5Fixed System ConfigurationuAIM Measurement CapabilityAIM and uAIM measurement license1
6Fixed System Configuration"AIM in die"AIMid measurement license1
7Fixed System ConfigurationImproved Tput  - Pipelining1
8Fixed System ConfigurationEnhanced MAM1
9Fixed System ConfigurationColor Filter LicensesVariable Illumination Spectrum1
10Fixed System ConfigurationSignal TowerSignal tower - 57mm red, yellow, green, blue1
11Fixed System ConfigurationGEM HSMSGEM/SECS and HSMS1
12Fixed System ConfigurationE84E84 enabled for OHT & AGV/RGV1
13Fixed System ConfigurationHokuyo PI/OThree  PIO devices for OHT1
14Fixed System ConfigurationE87E87 (Based on E39)1
15Fixed System ConfigurationE40/E94E40/E94/E901
16Fixed System ConfigurationRFID ReadersThree AdvanTag Radio Frequency (RF) Carrier ID Readers1
17Fixed System ConfigurationQmerit SWTarget assymetry index1
18Fixed System ConfigurationKTA OVLKTA 10.0/OL/PRO Tool Client software 1
19Fixed System ConfigurationKTA Pro option1
20Fixed System ConfigurationHOC Online1
21Fixed System ConfigurationRDMRDM Tool Client software (A600 tools come configured with RDM 10.0sp16 or above)1
22Fixed System ConfigurationRecipe Compare & Validate 1
23Fixed System ConfigurationGeometric Model FinderGeometric Model Finder1
24Fixed System ConfigurationLog Recipe Change FileLog Recipe Change File1
25Fixed System ConfigurationIllumination enhancement modIllumination enhancement module1
26Fixed System ConfigurationBracketKIT,AC SUPPORT BRACKETS,ARCHER1
27Fixed System ConfigurationEMO ShieldEMO Shield1
28Fixed System ConfigurationA300 Plus EQR KITEQR KIT1
29Fixed System ConfigurationVOLTAGE STABILIZER,6KVA,NEMA L5,AB GFCIVol stablizer1
30Fixed System ConfigurationMain console 1
31Fixed System ConfigurationComet Remote Console Kit 1

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