Climate change

Green Energy Conference (GEC)

Macquarie Group’s GEC event series brings together leaders in industry, finance and policy to discuss the challenges, opportunities and progress in the global transition to net zero.

This global event series builds on and enhances Macquarie’s broader climate engagement activity. Playback of many of our previous event sessions is available on our YouTube playlist.

GEC24 - London

The GEC series continues in 2024, starting with our London event which picked up the conversation from COP28 and focused on the next phase of the UK and Europe’s decarbonisation journey, exploring the opportunities and challenges for industry and investors.

Scaling sustainable solutions

Ilham Kadri, Chief Executive Officer of Syensqo, speaks with Ben Way, Group Head of Macquarie Asset Management, about scaling sustainable solutions, including the challenges and opportunities that flow from the European Green Deal.


In 2023, the focus was on the role of partnerships in overcoming complex decarbonisation and energy security challenges and scaling up emerging climate technologies, identifying opportunities in the energy transition and sharing lessons across different parts of the world.

Highlights from the GEC23 event series

Across three global cities approximately 700 clients, partners and staff joined us to hear from 31 industry, finance and policy experts, discussing the key trends and opportunities in the transition to a low-carbon economy.

GEC23 - Sydney

Lessons for Australia on accelerating the energy transition

Josef Tadich, Regional Manager (APAC) at Tesla Energy, discusses the Australian energy landscape, the outsized role for consumer energy resources in its energy transition, its role in the global battery supply chain, and Tesla’s approach to innovation and solving industry challenges.

GEC23 - New York

Decarbonising hard-to-abate industries

A panel comprising Richard L. Fruehauf, Chief Strategy and Sustainability Officer at US Steel, Jennifer Von Bismarck, CEO of Galway Sustainable Capital, and Jan Huckfeldt, Chief Commercial Officer at Climeworks, discuss the importance of scaling up partnerships to decarbonise hard-to-abate industries, and the early impacts of the US Inflation Reduction Act.

Climate change 

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