Close up of tablet with financial charts
Close up of tablet with financial charts


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Empowering educators to strategically and equitably allocate resources to best support the needs of students

Founded in: 2013
Headquarters: Baltimore, Maryland

Access and analysis of K-12 financial data helps lead to better decisions for students. When school districts connect budgets to student achievement using cutting-edge financial technology, they make decisions that improve resource equity and realize strategic priorities for students. The United States spends over $US650 billion on education each year, and Allovue is working closely with districts and state departments of education across the country to budget and spend those dollars better.

Allovue, a participating company in the Macquarie Capital Venture Studio, provides innovative education finance technology solutions to educators nationwide to help them budget, manage and evaluate school spending. The Company also provides districts with supplemental services including funding equity analysis, diagnostic surveys and financial management training. Allovue’s flagship product, Balance, is an online software platform designed to help K-12 administrators access, understand and control their financial data.

MontyTV Q&A with Allovue

Allovue CEO Jess Gartner speaks with Macquarie’s Allison Harden at the Montgomery Summit.

“Allovue is committed to empowering educators to strategically and equitably allocate resources, so students anywhere, at any school, can thrive. Our EdFinTech solutions, particularly our software platform Balance makes it easy for districts and state departments to allocate resources effectively. In partnering with the Macquarie Capital Venture Studio, we will be able to further scale and make an even bigger positive impact in education.”

Jess Gartner, CEO and Founder

Products and services

Allovue’s software platform Balance helps K-12 administrators budget, manage and evaluate spending. The company also offers supplemental services including assistance and resources to districts preparing for Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and executive coaching to support district leadership in their efforts to advance their district’s finance goals and get the most out of Balance.


Jess Gartner
Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Jess Gartner has over a decade of experience in education policy and practice. She is a former Teach for America Corps Member and Baltimore City Public Schools teacher. Her work as a Baltimore City middle school teacher inspired her to create solutions to improve resource allocation in education after witnessing the vast disparity in outcomes between well-budgeted and poorly budgeted schools during her time in the classroom. Jess holds a B.A. in education policy from the University of Pennsylvania and a M.A. in Teaching from Johns Hopkins.

Jason Becker
Chief Product Officer

Jason Becker leads the data analysis, customer integrations, product requirements and user experience and design. Jason’s team also determines what improvements and additions to existing products can be made, while spearheading the innovation of new products. During his time at the Rhode Island State Department of Education, he developed and supported a new state education funding formula, assisted with the proposed funding formula's transition plan and provided data analysis on financing education reform.

Rosalyn Curato
Chief Customer Officer

Rosalyn Curato leads the Company’s implementation, adoption, expansion and retention efforts in addition to managing strategic partnerships. By being customer-centric, her team is empowered to provide the training and services that are most beneficial to the school districts they serve while communicating successes and challenges to the rest of the company. Rosalyn previously worked at Afton Partners, assisting schools evaluate the financial and operational considerations involved with implementing blended learning, and supporting school districts with their strategic priorities such as student-based budgeting and district redesign.

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