Dark blue and white abstract
Dark blue and white abstract

Access to opportunity beyond capital

Our approach

In addition to a financial investment, the Macquarie Capital Venture Studio provides comprehensive, value-add growth support as you continue to scale.

Financial advisory and M&A

Introducing opportunities and providing critical guidance on organic and acquisitive growth strategies.

Networking and business development

Access to mentors, coaches, and strategic alliances to help open doors and transform your business.

Strategy and market research

Leveraging unique insights built over decades of experience, we will challenge you to rethink and optimize product and market fit.

Capital and equity markets

Future fundraise support from our global network of experts with deep experience spanning series funding, acquisition financing, LBOs and IPOs.

Talent recruitment and retention

Through our network and hiring partners attract, assess, secure and onboard talent to drive growth.

Product and operations

Product and brand-development support from a customized team of award-winning strategists, technologists, designers and consultants.

How we do it, our investment criteria:

  • early-stage companies transforming InfraTech and education landscapes
  • fully functional (non-beta) products and solutions
  • established customer base demonstrating market acceptance
  • clearly developed business strategies aimed to drive high growth
  • strong, focused and ambitious management teams
  • strategic alignment with the Macquarie Capital network.

"This initiative is about engaging entrepreneurs, connecting clients with new solution providers, and supporting innovation at the forefront of emerging technology. We’re looking for entrepreneurs who have developed products and services that are increasing efficacy, efficiency, and sustainability across their entire sectors."

Michael Silverton, Global Co-Head, Macquarie Capital