Powering Indonesia’s digital ecosystem

2022 Macquarie Technology Summit related insight

7 July 2022

The GoTo Group was formed in 2021 through the largest business deal in Indonesia’s history – combining the country’s two biggest tech startups: mobility giant Gojek and leading ecommerce platform Tokopedia. Forming Southeast Asia’s largest tech company, comprising two per cent of Indonesia’s GDP, GoTo’s ecosystem provides consumers with a wide range of products and services while levelling the playing field for small businesses. In this session, GoTo President Patrick Cao talks us through the company's journey.


Patrick Cao, President, GoTo

Colin Wu, Head of Technology Capital, Macquarie Capital

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2022 Macquarie Technology Summit

Embracing the transformative potential of technology, for a better future

The Macquarie Technology Summit once again brought together global leaders driving technological change across multiple aspects of business and community.