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Krittiya Kuldiloke: From advertising to financial services in Bangkok

In 2016, Krittiya Kuldiloke leapt from a career in advertising to financial services, when she joined Macquarie’s Bangkok office. As an Associate in the Equity Derivatives and Trading team she has a unique role, drawing on her background in advertising to manage the marketing of financial products such as derivative warrants.


When a recruiter approached Krittiya Kuldiloke for a new role in 2016, she didn't know anything about Macquarie Group or financial services.

As an Art Director, she’d spent over a decade working in advertising agencies promoting big global ​​brands across Thailand.

I discovered Macquarie was a very interesting organisation. I had no prior knowledge of the equity market or trading but I was keen to learn."

“I’d studied art and design and worked in advertising agencies for all of my career, so it was a big leap to consider moving into financial services,” Krittiya says.  

“But I love creative work and knew I could adapt my advertising and design skills and use them to grow the Macquarie brand.”


Growing the Macquarie brand in Thailand 

Krittiya was initially employed as a Junior Analyst in a graphic design role that has expanded over seven years to include broader marketing and strategy. She was recently promoted to Associate in Equity Derivatives and Trading.

“Bangkok is a relatively small office, with around 30 people,” Krittiya explains. 

“We share and exchange ideas and work closely with many of Macquarie’s other offices in Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia ​​and Singapore in particular, as well as Sydney,” Krittiya says. 

“So, while I physically work in Thailand, I actually gain exposure to the whole region.”

The trading and sales team that Krittiya works with focuses on market making - buying and selling different types of securities - so joining Macquarie was a steep learning curve that required her to quickly gain product and industry knowledge.

“A complex product like derivative warrants is not like investing in a traditional stock,” Krittiya says. “In order to advertise and market them you really need to learn about it deeply, so I completed courses with the support of Macquarie, did a lot of reading, and had weekly sessions with my manager to understand the products and the way they work.”

“My marketing and graphic design skills transferred easily, but I still wasn’t sure if I could do it,” Krittiya admits. “I was really nervous at first. But at the same time, I love a challenge and my manager believed in me and trusted me, which boosted my confidence.”

Early in her time at Macquarie, Krittiya was involved in a brand refresh, with a campaign including both events and TV advertising. Then, in 2019, she led the marketing and advertising around Macquarie’s launch of the ​first Hang Seng Index derivative warrants in Thailand.

​​​“Macquarie was the first issuer of foreign index and stock derivative warrants in Thailand,” Krittiya says. “We are now a leading issuer, providing a full range of foreign indices, shares and local underlying in Thailand.”

“I’ve organised the launch of seven Warrant products in seven years, as Macquarie’s offering has grown, and we’re continuing to expand our coverage in Thailand,” she says.


Forging new connections

In her current role, Krittiya project manages the advertising and marketing from start to finish. 

“On one hand it requires a lot of discipline, as it’s a project management role within marketing. On the other, I need the confidence and creativity to bring marketing ideas to the table,” Krittiya explains.

I have had to adapt, play around and create a match between art and finance.”

For Krittiya, a highlight has been meeting new people within Macquarie, and from the wider finance world, such as the equity exchange and the media.

“We have invested in relationship building with key opinion leaders and media to spread information and grow our brand.”

“The work is collaborative, and I’m dealing with different people internally too, from the sales to compliance and legal teams. As a result, I’ve become more skilled in communications while also discovering lots of different ideas."


Making a difference and gaining new skills

Krittiya says she likes that Macquarie’s culture encourages its people to get involved with other activities outside of their work, and she has chosen to play an active role in the Macquarie Group Foundation.

“The pandemic meant that lots of Thai people lost loved ones and were also impacted financially,” Krittiya explains. “I organised a charity auction in support of a foundation that was trying to help with this issue by developing a helpful innovative app around supporting mental health for those affected.”

“Thanks to the amazing support of colleagues in the Bangkok office we raised around 80,000 baht, which with Macquarie Group Foundation matching became 160,000 baht ($A7,020). This is the largest donation to ever come out of the Bangkok office.”

Krittiya says she is glad she took the risk of leaving advertising to explore financial services.

“I needed an open mind, love of learning and willingness to jump outside my comfort zone,” Krittiya says. “Macquarie and my team have encouraged and supported me, and I’ve experienced so many new opportunities.” 

“The skills I brought with me now match the skills I have learned here,” Krittiya says. “I look forward to my future here.”

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