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Drawn back by the culture: Ajay, Nivedita and Puneet on returning to the Gurugram office

The culture, flexibility, learning opportunities, growth and supportive colleagues are just some of the reasons people return to Macquarie. Ajay Lakhwara, Nivedita Taneja and Puneet Goyal from Macquarie’s Gurugram office all chose to re-join after time away. They tell their stories about leaving and then returning.


Ajay Lakhwara: Returning for flexibility, growth and challenge

In 2016, I did a three-month internship with Macquarie’s Finance Projects while I was completing my Bachelor of Commerce. I had the opportunity to work on robotics process automation, something which indicated to me that Macquarie was focussed on transformation and innovation.

After graduating, I joined the Tax Reporting team and had the chance to work across a range of different tax areas, from employment to corporate income tax, and across different jurisdictions, including South Africa and the UK. I was also involved in interesting projects, including Macquarie’s transition to a new general ledger, which helped me acquire new skills and progress in my career.

In early 2022, an opportunity arose at a global professional services and consulting firm, so I left Macquarie to try a different type of work.

Though I found the role interesting, the exposure to different projects was not as strong as they are at Macquarie.

I realised just how much I loved the culture at Macquarie and its focus on flexibility and growth so, six months after I left, I decided to explore returning to my old team."

At Macquarie, every day is a new challenge and a learning opportunity. In my four years here I’ve gained exposure to new things happening across the business, not just in my role, and I also deal with senior leaders. Right now, I’m working on a project to implement a new tax application for UK entities.

It feels great to be back – it is like I never left. I feel motivated and grateful that I have a job I love to do. The team is supportive of me growing personally as well as professionally, and I’ve been given great flexibility to fit in study for my Master's degree.

Nivedita Taneja: Attracted to the latest tech, fast pace and leadership at Macquarie

I spent the first four years of my career working for a large IT services company before joining Macquarie in 2019 as a Quality Assurance Specialist, in the Cash Settlements team, aligned to Macquarie Capital.

I was attracted by the way Macquarie uses the latest technologies and that things evolve and change every day. There’s a culture of understanding at Macquarie; it feels like a family. The chance to get involved in the Macquarie Group Foundation and volunteering activities was also a huge motivator for me.

My role saw me work on new tech and software systems being developed as part of a middle office transformation project that went live in 2021.

I was getting married so, for personal reasons, I decided to leave and take a different role as a test lead at the end of 2021 in a tech services company. I found myself comparing it to Macquarie: I didn’t feel quite the same connection, and it wasn’t as fast paced.

About six months later, I decided to re-join Macquarie in a different back-office transformation project with my old team.

The culture, leadership, complex projects and ever-evolving technology were all drivers of my return to Macquarie."

I was promoted to Executive, and my 10 months away wasn’t a big gap, so being back feels like a continuation of where I left off. I enjoy being back in the office with hybrid working and social events. This new project is giving me new skills, so I’m continually learning, and every day brings new challenges.

I’m excited about the future and what it may hold in terms of other tech and leadership roles at Macquarie.

Puneet Goyal: Macquarie had always been my number one choice

Macquarie was my first job after graduating as a Chartered Accountant. A friend recommended it and said it was a great place to work. I joined in 2013 as a Financial Management Trainee. I had very supportive managers who guided me, and I received several promotions, becoming a Manager in 2018, and also had the chance to work in the Australian division.

In mid-2019, I chose to leave Macquarie for personal reasons.

I maintained my connection with my managers, and in February 2020, I learned that there was an opportunity to return as finance lead for the new division in Macquarie Asset Management, Private Credit. 

They had confidence in me to take on a new role, and this trust boosted my morale.

The flexibility on offer was one of the key things that pushed me to return – it allowed me to be there to support my family."

We openly discussed flexibility options in my return interview. At Macquarie, flexibility is not a hurdle to growth.

I re-joined as a Manager and put forward a case for promotion.

For the past two and a half years, I’ve been Fund Manager and Assistant Vice President. We’ve grown to become a team of six, and I have ownership, accountability and the power to prioritise my own, and my team’s, wellbeing with a work-life balance. Management is supportive and helpful with challenges and recognises success.

I never felt like I was new again. As a global company renowned for its mobility, I can freely discuss growth opportunities with my managers. This culture is the main attraction for me.

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