Semiconductor and technology

Helping clients access the world’s most advanced technology

A proven track record

We leverage the strength of our platform and strategic relationships to generate positive outcomes and results for clients across the global semiconductor manufacturing sector.

With decades of experience and insight and the full strength and resources of Macquarie, we provide industry-focused solutions that are tailored to each client.

Explore how our range of services and capabilities can deliver results for companies at the heart of the digital revolution.

Macquarie has served the semiconductor industry for 20+ years

$US3.4+ billion in semiconductor equipment sales

$US3.3+ billion in semiconductor equipment financed

50+ fab disposition projects completed

Providing innovative asset and finance solutions

Working with new and long-standing clients, we help identify solutions which support both the acquisition and sale of a variety of assets from advanced equipment to complete facilities.

Asset solutions

Providing asset-focused solutions critical to semiconductor manufacturing operations, including:

  • Semiconductor fab sales: Facilitating the acquisition or disposition of complete fabs on behalf of clients
  • Equipment remarketing: Leveraging our extended network to monetize surplus assets owned by clients  
  • Equipment trading: Purchasing surplus equipment and selling it through our own inventory
  • Managed equipment services: Bringing together our end-to-end servicing expertise to help clients with a wide range of activities from deinstallation, decontamination and refurbishment, through to relocation and reinstallation.

Financing solutions

Reducing the capital intensity and risk associated with semiconductor manufacturing. From the purchase of an entire fab to the acquisition of advanced equipment, we can finance opportunities such as:

  • New equipment orders
  • Unlocking the embedded value of new and existing equipment
  • Purchasing used equipment
  • Manage soft costs associated with fab installations

Some of our finance solutions include:

  • Operating Lease
  • Finance Lease
  • Equipment-as-a-Service
  • Sale and Lease Back
  • Flexible asset management

Surplus asset sales

Our online equipment inventory showcases a large selection of high-quality used, refurbished and surplus technology. Through our transparent purchasing process, we can also provide the finance required for both large and small equipment purchases.

Proud member of the Energy Collaborative

Launched in 2023, the Energy Collaborative is an initiative created in partnership between SEMI and the Semiconductor Climate Consortium. With an initial focus on fostering collaboration between energy companies, finance providers, and government, the Energy Collaborative is seeking to accelerate the creation of low-carbon energy options in the Asia-Pacific region.

Are you looking to sell your advanced technology?

Whether you are a buyer looking to purchase high-quality technology and manufacturing equipment, or a seller wanting to maximise your returns on the sale of surplus equipment – our remarketing specialists can help. We offer:

  • Global re-sell and re-market programs structured to sell underutilised equipment and optimise returns for clients
  • Internal re-deployment and re-use programs designed to support clients’ objectives of utilising equipment where it is most needed

Our broader specialised and asset finance expertise

All figures on this page are correct as at 31 March 2024.