microscope close up inside laboratory
microscope close up inside laboratory


Flexible asset finance alternatives

Asset finance that delivered business continuity.

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Sector Healthcare
Sub-sector Technology
Location Global


A medical centre was acquiring a range of equipment from different manufacturers. They wanted to establish funding before any decisions were made regarding models and quantities. However, without the specific equipment configurations, they were having difficulty obtaining finance.


We were able to meet our client’s complex and undetermined requirements. We structured a flexible lease line that accommodated all the equipment types at attractive rates and provided acquisition schedules.

For equipment that required longer lead times to order, we funded down payments to the equipment vendor on behalf of our client, to prevent project delays.


Our ability to structure a flexible acquisition schedule enabled our client to continue operations without any interruptions.

 The case studies and examples provided on this page are based on actual de-identified client circumstances. They have been included for illustrative purposes only, without taking into account any person’s objectives, financial situation or needs.

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