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BESI Datacon 8800 Chameo

Asset ID: 210361

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Datacon 8800 Chameo

Flip Chip Bonder


Equipment details:

Date of Manufacture: 2010

Currently Configured for: N/A

Current Equipment Status: Available

Asset HDD not included

Location of Equipment: Taichung City, Taiwan

Available date: Currently Available

Tool config is based on original PO, please verify tool details at tool inspection

Damage/Missing parts list

Please inspect tool to reconfirm

Key Features

Multi-Chip – Combining Speed, Flexibility and Accuracy

  • Multi-chip capability – Flexibility on smallest footprint
  • Single pass is king – Improve your Cpk for multi-FC packages
  • Waffle pack feeders – Extend your possibilities
  • Extra Speed up to +40%

Enhanced Capabilities – Ready for the Future

  • Thermo-compression – No limits for your applications
  • Leadframe, strip, boat, wafer – No limits for your substrates
  • Customized features – Exactly tailored for your process
  • 300 mm / 340 mm Fan Out Wafer Level Packages (FO-WLP) Carrier
  • Face-down & Face-up (recipe controlled)
  • Clean room class ISO 5
  • Foup load port
  • Tape & Reel

Highest Accuracy – Capturing Tomorrow’s Markets

  • Highest Accuracy ± 5 µm / 3 µm @ 3 Sigma – For fine-pitch and TSV applications
  • Local reflow – Mastering sophisticated assemblies
  • Long-term stability – Securing high yield at high speed

Wafer Level Applications

  • Fan-Out Wafer Level Packages – Highest performance for lowest cost
  • Advanced Chip to Wafer – Cost effective dual die stacking
  • Through Silicon Vias (TSV) – Entry ticket to the future


Local accuracy± 3µm @ 3 sigma
Global accuracy± 5µm @ 3 sigma
Vision system4Mpix, 6 x 6mm FOV for substrate / upwards camera
12 x 12mm for wafer camera
Strips, Boats, Panels340mm
Fluxeroption, various cavity plates available
Multi Chipincluded
UPH (dipping process)6,000
UPH (FO-WLP / no dipping)up to 9,000
Clean room classISO 5 (optionally)
Capability integrityenhanced standard
Local reflownot available
Lead time8 - 10 weeks
Bond force0.5 - 50N
Die size0.3 - 30mm
Die thickness50µm - 3mm, thinner on request
Footprint1,600 x 1,200 x 1,880mm (W x D x H) (with dual monitor)


Substrate / Strip handling

  • Input / output buffer
  • Magazine loader / unloader ML1
  • FOUP load port
  • Pre-heat station

Vision system

  • RGB lighting
  • OCR recognition for substrates "Golden eye" upward looking camera


  • Substrate/Strip/TU-Mapping (Semi S12, S14 in G84 and E142)
  • Pseudo X-Ray
  • Flip and P&P Tool Inspection
  • Needle Hole Inspection
  • Eject Tool Needle Inspection
  • Eject Tool Cap Inspection
  • Ejection System Live Cam
  • SECS GEM Parameter Provider
  • Wafermap Verification by Border Component
  • Configure User Level
  • Advanced Flux Imprint Check
  • Chipping Inspection
  • Auto Illumination
  • Distributed Bonding
  • Single Component Tracking
  • Lot Management
  • Complete bonding
  • Custom slow travel speed/distance
  • Measure component spacing
  • Measuring component bench
  • Fluxlevel detection
  • Individual bond position offsets
  • Advanced base calibration

Component presentation

  • Wafer stretcher (for 8" or 12" frames)
  • Various stretch adapters (for metal and plastic frames)
  • Wafer table rotation

Component handling system

  • Input TS ionizer
  • HEPA filter system class ISO5
  • Pneumatic terminal
  • Dipping station (slidefluxer)
  • Face-up
  • Tape & Reel
  • Temperature (constant)


  • External vacuum pump
  • Uninterruptable power supply
  • ALPS Host computer

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