Commodities and Global Markets

Providing pathways to decarbonisation

To support the global transition to net zero, Commodities and Global Markets is developing and deploying climate solutions that meet our clients’ diverse needs and ambitions and help them with their decarbonisation pathways.

We believe in a managed, orderly and just transition, which means supporting carbon-intensive industries and companies to decarbonise, while protecting the vital services that our communities rely on.

As our clients’ needs evolve, we adapt by drawing on our long-standing energy and commodities expertise to better align and expand our capabilities, ensuring we continue to provide the right support. 

Emissions House of the Year1
Environmental Products House of the Year1

Two decades in energy markets and renewables

Merged our Agriculture and Global Oil businesses in 2022 to enhance our clean fuels offering

Our capabilities 

The scale and breadth of the energy transition is driving the delivery of holistic solutions across all our activities, markets, and client sectors, which we are supporting through our four major capabilities:

  • Capital and financing 
  • Risk management 
  • Physical execution and logistics 
  • Market access

Our full range of activities are captured under seven broad verticals.

We are active across a range of environmental products and trade in compliance and voluntary carbon markets globally. Our risk management services include fixed price hedging, procurement and offtake along with inventory monetisation and working capital financing solutions. To support our clients’ long-term carbon requirements we also originate, design, structure and execute carbon offsetting solutions and are involved in nature-based solutions (NBS) and carbon capture, utilisation and sequestration (CCUS) projects. 

Our Global Carbon business  

Providing integrated carbon offsetting solutions across the entire carbon offset value chain to support clients with their energy transition journey

Across the renewable power space, we provide innovative asset finance, risk management and capital solutions, including:

  • Renewable energy technology, such as wind and waste-to-energy
  • Flexible and distributed energy solutions, such as grid connected and behind-the-meter batteries, rapid response generators and H2 fuel cells
  • Energy efficient solutions, such as smart meters and Demand Side Management (DSM)

10+ million meters portfolio in the UK2

We provide physical, financial, risk management and logistics services across a broad range of clean fuels. This includes renewable natural gas/biomethane, renewable diesel, sustainable aviation fuels, ethanol, methanol and climate differentiated fuels, such as Responsibly Sourced Gas (RSG).

Our activities span across the clean fuels value chain; from feedstocks to refining and distribution where we provide a range of services from finance, fuels related infrastructure, trading and pricing in various attribute markets.

Executing a unique Responsibly Sourced Gas (RSG) transaction

Working with leading natural gas producers and distributors in Canada, we facilitated one of the world’s first RSG certified purchase and sale transactions using a digital registry that encodes key ESG metrics.


e-scooters financed in South Korea2

In the sustainable transport sector, we provide capital and financing solutions across zero emission vehicles and transportation, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and sustainable shipping initiatives.

Our capabilities range from structured asset financing, leasing and mobility-as-a-service, to equity investments in sustainable transport projects and companies.

For the metal value chains critical to the production and distribution of zero and low carbon energy, we provide capital and financing solutions, combined with physical, financial and risk services.

We are active across a variety of upstream, midstream and downstream metals sectors and support end-of-life metals recycling and recovery.

Financing the development of battery chemicals production

Macquarie’s Commodities and Global Markets group provides a $US90 million working capital facility to support the continued development and ramp-up of a client’s battery chemicals plant and production of battery-grade nickel and cobalt sulphate.

To support circular value chains, such as recycling waste streams and recovering valuable commodities, we provide capital, financing and risk management solutions. This includes:

  • Feedstock sourcing and logistics, in segments such as soft plastics, waste oils, bale and flake and scrap metal
  • The adoption of new processing technology, in the collection and source separation, recycling, waste-to-fuel and second-life (i.e. palletisation) segments
  • Commodity products, such as carbon offset generation, trading certification and hedging/fixed price offtake
  • Sustainability, in support of energy efficiency, wastewater treatment, carbon capture and particulate emissions

We provide capital, commercial structuring expertise, and innovative financing solutions to help our clients align all aspects of their business to their sustainability and net zero goals.

Focusing on projects that span across the full energy-transition spectrum, our capabilities include equity investing, structured asset financing, working capital solutions, leasing, letters of credit and derivative and other risk management products that support the achievement of key sustainability commitments. These may incorporate solutions to leverage various incentives and concessional capital offered by governments around the world, such as in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) passed by the US federal government in 2022.

  1. Energy Risk Asia Awards 2023
  2. As at 31 March 2024