Racing cancer around the clock

Sydney, 10 May 2015

It takes both Herculean physical strength and mental confidence to consider running for 24 hours on a treadmill in Sydney’s very public Martin Place – but Luca Turrini in Macquarie’s Corporate Operations Group has managed it for charity.

A personal connection to cancer motivated Luca to commit to the challenge, with final proceeds of more than $83,000 from the event going to the Outrun Cancer program, which is funding a four-year study by the Cancer Council on the connection between diet, physical activity and cancer.

“The treadmill challenge is a personal tribute to all those like my mother who lost their battle with cancer, those who are in the middle of it and those who are about to start theirs,” Luca said, who covered 210 kms over the 24-hour period.

“This was the most physically and mentally demanding run I have ever done but it was also the most rewarding too. Outside your comfort zone, amazing things happen - one step at a time. If someone could guarantee the same success in terms of awareness and fundraising, I’d be ready to do it all over again every year!”

It is not the first time Luca has combined his passion for running and his desire to support cancer research. He has previously run 20 marathons across Italy in just 29 days to raise money.

While he initially created the Corporate Treadmill Marathon in 2011 as training for his own endeavours, it has now grown into a successful fundraising event in its own right. One of Luca’s Macquarie colleagues, Brad Sutton, organised a treadmill marathon in March and, including Macquarie Group Foundation support, raised more than half of the event’s $60,000 total.

Since inception, Outrun Cancer has raised $300,000.


Image caption: From left: Cancer Council NSW CEO Jim L’Estrange with 24-hour event co-organisers Scott Gilbertson and Alan Bradley, part of a team of four who ran relay style on a wind trainer, and Luca Turrini, who solo ran for 24 hours. Donations continued to flow in after the event.